Game of Thrones Star's Stunning Childhood Castle Revealed

Game of Thrones Star's Stunning Childhood Castle Revealed
Published 2 months ago on Jan 25, 2024

Game of Thrones Star's Enchanting Childhood Castle Leaves Reddit in Awe.

Reddit users cannot stop talking about Game of Thrones actress Rose Leslie, 36, and her childhood castle home in Scotland

A captivating photograph of the childhood home of Game of Thrones star Rose Leslie has sent shockwaves across Reddit, capturing the attention and admiration of users in the platform's pop culture chat community. The viral post featured an image of the stunning Lickleyhead Castle, where Leslie spent her formative years in Scotland until the age of 10.

Born and raised amidst the enchanting landscapes of Scotland, the 36-year-old actress has a unique connection to Lickleyhead Castle, which had been home to members of a Lowland Scottish Clan for nearly five centuries. However, in 2018, the castle faced repossession from Leslie's father, leading to a change in ownership.

The starlet lived in the castle until she was 10-years-old. The home was owned by several members of the Leslie Clan for nearly 500 years 

Subsequent to the repossession, the castle found new proprietors who, despite likely not being part of the original Clan, have evidently taken impeccable care of the historic residence. This revelation has sparked curiosity and admiration among Reddit users, drawing attention to the castle's rich history and its journey from a familial stronghold to a captivating Airbnb rental.

Leslie's parents, seeking a return to their ancestral abode, moved back into Lickleyhead Castle in 2016. In an entrepreneurial twist, the family transformed the castle into an Airbnb listing, opening its doors to curious travelers and history enthusiasts alike. Despite its popularity as a unique accommodation option, financial challenges led to the unfortunate repossession of the castle.

In 2019, the entire castle changed hands for a sum exceeding $820,000 and is currently available for rent on Airbnb. The majestic residence boasts eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and the capacity to host up to 16 adults, four children, and three dogs. Its stone staircase and five working fireplaces add a touch of luxury, making it an ideal winter retreat.

The actress' mother and father, Candida Mary Sibyl and Sebastian Arbuthnot-Leslie moved back into the castle in 2016 but left two years later after it was reposessed

Beyond its role as a lodging option, Lickleyhead Castle has positioned itself as a versatile venue, available for weddings, elopements, or vow renewals accommodating up to 30 people. The starting price for a night's stay at this enchanting location is nearly $2,200 for two guests, with more affordable options available for renting the castle's east and west wings.

Social media users have expressed their adoration for Leslie's childhood home, with many praising its beauty and historical significance. However, one user admitted a sense of surprise, saying, "I knew Rose Leslie grew up in a castle, but I had never seen it before. I guess I'm showing my ignorance, but I was expecting something much bigger. I see the word castle, and I think huge."

Leslie's parents movedinto the castle in 2016 after failing to sell it three years before and began offering it as an Airbnb later that year

Others chimed in with additional details about the castle's history, highlighting the 2018 repossession and shedding light on the challenges faced by many historic residences. One user noted, "A lot of the castles that have been in families for generations end up being donated to a national trust. They're incredibly expensive to upkeep."

As Leslie's childhood home continues to capture the imaginations of online communities, the story of Lickleyhead Castle serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between preserving history and meeting the practical demands of the present. The castle's Airbnb listing offers a unique opportunity for travelers to step into a piece of Scotland's past, making it more than just a picturesque retreat but a living testament to the rich tapestry of heritage woven into its stone walls.


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