Hollywood Star Blanca Blanco Radiates Festive Vibes As She Reveals Winter Diet Secrets Post George Clooney Encounter

 Hollywood Star Blanca Blanco Radiates Festive Vibes As She Reveals Winter Diet Secrets Post George Clooney Encounter
Published 3 months ago on Dec 13, 2023

Hollywood actress Blanca Blanco is spreading Christmas cheer with a stunning photoshoot, donning red lingerie that accentuates her sculpted physique. The Washington state beauty, known for her roles in Tale Of Tales, Eye For Eye, and Betrayed, recently shared the festive images on DailyMail.com.

In the captivating shoot, Blanco showcased a tiny waistline, muscular arms, and legs while sporting a ruby red satin jacket that gracefully fell off her bare shoulders. Her thick chocolate brown hair, styled by Vladimic Simic, framed her face with soft curtain bangs, completing the festive look.

Blanco, who is set to portray therapist Alma Gomez in the upcoming movie Ash And Bone 2, also spilled the beans on her latest diet trick just in time for December. This revelation follows her recent rendezvous with Hollywood A-lister George Clooney at the premiere of his film The Boys In The Boat in Beverly Hills, where she also met his wife, Amal Clooney.

Blanca shared her newfound diet hack, emphasizing a simple switch to oat milk as a substitute for dairy. The Breaking The Mold author explained, "My latest trick is to substitute all my dairy with oat milk. Instead of cream in my coffee, I use oat milk, and instead of milk in my cereal, I use oat milk. It's nice that oat milk is everywhere these days and not hard to find."

The actress highlighted the benefits of this dietary adjustment, stating, "The oat milk cuts down on calories and, for me, prevents bloating, which is important when in form-fitting holiday dresses."

Earlier this year, Blanco disclosed another effective diet practice - timing meals. She revealed, "I never eat late at night. I stop eating at about 6 pm so my body can digest what I have eaten before I go to sleep. No more late-night snacks or desserts. If I want something sweet, I have a decaf coffee with some honey."

Blanco, currently following the Mediterranean Diet, emphasized its protein-rich and vegetable-focused nature. Research has shown that such diets can outperform low-fat alternatives for weight loss.

Additionally, the actress shared insights into her fitness routine, which includes five days of exercise per week, combining cardio and weight training. She stressed the importance of being flexible with workout routines, acknowledging that even a short session is better than none.

Blanca Blanco's commitment to a healthier lifestyle also extends to her dietary choices, opting for grilled over fried food, adopting a pescatarian lifestyle for a temporary change, and eliminating sugar. She emphasized the importance of detoxing the body periodically and staying hydrated for overall well-being.

Offering advice to those on a weight-loss journey, Blanco suggested taking it one day at a time, managing stress levels, and keeping it simple. As she continues to make headlines with her on-screen ventures, Blanco's dedication to a balanced lifestyle remains an inspiration for many.

Blanca Blanco is from Watsonville, California. She was born and raised there along with her two sisters and two brothers. Her parents were Mexican immigrants who worked multiple jobs to support the family.

While Blanca has achieved success in Hollywood, she remains connected to her California roots. She has spoken about the importance of her heritage and the impact her upbringing had on her values and work ethic.


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