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Home Alone House for sale at £4.1m, fans slam interior changes

Home Alone House for sale at £4.1m, fans slam interior changes
Published 3 weeks ago on May 29, 2024

Home Alone House for Sale: Fans Divided Over Extensive Renovations.

The festive film favorite, Home Alone, has captured hearts for decades. Now, the iconic house from the movie is up for sale, but the news has sparked a debate among fans. While some dream of owning a piece of cinematic history, others lament the home's extensive renovations.

Located in Winnetka, Illinois, the mansion boasts five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and modern amenities like a gym, spa bath, sports court, and a home theater. Listed for a cool $5.25 million (£4.1 million), the property is undeniably luxurious. However, die-hard Home Alone fans are expressing disappointment with the interior's significant changes.

A recent video tour by filmmaker Erik Conover highlights the disconnect between the movie and the current state of the house. While the exterior remains instantly recognizable with its classic shutters and manicured lawn, the interior has undergone a dramatic transformation.

Gone are the iconic details that fans cherish. The grand staircase, where a hapless burglar gets a paint can to the face, and the "creepy basement" – home to the infamous radiator monster – have been entirely modernized. The once bustling kitchen, setting for heartwarming family breakfasts, now features sleek double islands and contemporary white cabinetry.

The rest of the house reflects a similar minimalist aesthetic, even encompassing the former eerie attic, which now resembles a standard bedroom. Social media, particularly X (formerly Twitter), has become a battleground for fans' opinions.

Many users feel the renovations "massacred" the house's original charm. They mourn the loss of the cozy, Christmas-card-perfect vibe that resonated throughout the film. Comments like "How dare they change it?" and "This should be illegal" capture the outrage felt by some.

However, others offer a more pragmatic perspective. They point out that movie sets are often constructed in studios, and the interiors of the Home Alone house likely weren't filmed on location. "It's just a coincidence the staircase looks similar," one user suggests.

Despite this, fans remain unconvinced, arguing that set designers undoubtedly drew inspiration from the home's original features.

Undeterred by the controversy, the estate agents from Redfin are confident about a swift sale due to the property's iconic status. Their description highlights the "legendary holiday dream home reimagined for modern-day luxury." They emphasize the house's historical significance and classic Chicago suburban architecture.

Whether you crave a piece of movie magic or a luxurious modern home, the Home Alone house undeniably offers a unique opportunity. But for some fans, the true charm lies not in the price tag, but in the cherished memories the original film evokes.


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