How to get rid of garlic breath after a pongy dish

How to get rid of garlic breath after a pongy dish
Published 10 months ago on May 08, 2023

But one doctor has said you don’t need to worry about having a ponging breath anymore.

Dr Megan Rossi, also known as the Gut Health Doctor, revealed a very sweet hack to keep garlic breath at bay.

She recommended eating an apple after your garlicky dish. 

Dr Rossi explained: “As the garlic moves through your digestion, the by-products of garlic are absorbed into the bloodstream and carried to the lungs.

“This gives you a ‘repeat performance’ that chewing gum can’t quite get rid of.

“The plant chemicals (including quercetin) in the apple have been shown to interact with the sulphur compounds in garlic, deodorising that particular whiff.”

But It’s not just apples that can give you a fresh breath after a garlicky meal. 

Dr Rossi said that spinach, mint, lettuce and parsley all have a similar effect at cleansing your breath, thanks to their specific makeup.

The tummy expert was keen to praise the health benefits of garlic too.

She said: “Garlic breath brings more to the table than depth to your dishes and zing to your sauces.

“For thousands of years, garlic has been celebrated for its medicinal benefits — and there’s a growing body of evidence to support this.”

In an Instagram post, Dr Rossi pointed out that garlic supports our immune system through the active ingredient allicin. 

Allicin supports our immune system  to fight viruses. 

You can help your garlic gloves produce more allicin by crushing them ten minutes before you plan to eat or cook them. 

Dr Rossi’s post struck a chord with a number of garlic lovers.

One penned: “Doing God’s work so we can enjoy garlic without the breath side effect.”

A second gushed: “I love this tip so much.

“I’m a garlic super fan.”


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