I’m a stunning influencer — I was offered a $800K ‘relationship contract’ by a fan

I’m a stunning influencer — I was offered a $800K ‘relationship contract’ by a fan
Published 1 years ago on Feb 19, 2023

While many influencers receive unusual fan requests online, perhaps none compare to that of one Brazilian bombshell, who claims an admirer offered her $66,743.47 a month to date them. A post detailing the relationship contract recently blew up on the social media star’s Instagram page.

“I need to share with you here what was sent to me as a ‘work’ proposal,” Lara Jucá, 23, wrote on Instagram along with a pic of the “indecent proposal,” Jam Press reported.

It appears that a love-sick gawker had become enamored with the model, who frequently posts saucy bikini snaps for the viewing pleasure of her 1 million followers on the platform.

According to the post, the unidentified fan had offered to pay Jucá 2.1 million in Brazilian real ($401,360.40) for six months, if she signed a “long-distance relationship contract.” If their arrangement lasted over a year, that figure would soar to an eye-popping $800,000.

Interestingly, the love contract seemed to have all the terms of a standard employment agreement, including clauses for termination and the tax responsibilities of both parties, Jam Press reported.

Best of all, the dating document didn’t have a noncompete clause, meaning that both parties could see other people during the contract term.

“I could still have other relationships,” exclaimed Jucá, who previously dated the Brazilian rapper Orochi.

The influencer, who also boasts over 885,000 TikTok followers, found the proposal “unbelievable,” wondering: “Guys, it’s serious, how far does people’s madness go to?”

Surprisingly, many fans were jealous of the love binding agreement.

“Where is a proposal like that in my life?!” pined one, while another wrote, “I sincerely hope you accepted!”

“God, I want a blessing like that in my life!” said one heartsick fan.

However, others accused Jucá of concocting the story for internet clout, to which she replied: “I keep laughing at people who say I made up something like this. My people, really, I’m on holiday in Praia do Rosa and don’t have a lot of time to invent absurdities like this.”

This wouldn’t be the first time a fan has sent an influencer an outrageous request. Literal flesh peddler Rebekka Blue, who become a millionaire by selling dead foot skin and other pieces of herself, claimed that a fan paid her four figures for a used intrauterine device.


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