'I'm human rights a lawyer and all I want is an intelligent man but people say I'm too good looking

'I'm human rights a lawyer and all I want is an intelligent man but people say I'm too good looking
Published 1 years ago on Mar 18, 2023

A human rights lawyer and model who is only attracted to intelligent men says people judge her for being too good-looking.

Denise Rocha claims ever since she opened a profile on Onlyans she has been suffering "prejudice for being hot".

The blonde beauty, better known as "CPI Hurricane", revealed she identifies as sapiosexual, which means she's attracted to intelligent people.

Recently she said she's faced judgments about her work on the OnlyFans platform, and has also received comments about her sexual orientation.

The adult content creator claims "one thing has nothing to do with the other", as she has always been attracted to brainy blokes.

Denise said: "I feel excited when I meet someone who dominates a subject, and knows how to talk about difficult topics."

When asked who she'd rather have a serious affair with - someone with a perfect body or someone with a high IQ - the adult content creator said it would be the second option "for sure".

Despite the judgments about her lifestyle, the "CPI Hurricane" said she knows exactly what she likes when it comes to a partner.

"Lack of culture and lack of intelligence don't appeal to me, and that's a fact," she added.

Denise works as a lawyer and businesswoman when she's not selling racy snaps on OnlyFans.

It wasn't long ago that the Brazilian gained fame for her jaw-dropping body thanks to a saucy Playboy  shoot.

Since she posed for the sexy photos, Denise has been inundated with some seriously questionable requests from cheeky fans.

The model even did a nude photoshoot with a horse to satisfy a subscriber's fetish.

Previously she said: "The first time he proposed it to me I was sure it was someone joking with me.

"But the conversations got serious, until the moment he said he would pay $100,000 (£82,000), I obviously accepted."


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