I work in crop tops and mini skirts – I know my outfits are inappropriate but it doesn’t matter because I’m the boss

I work in crop tops and mini skirts – I know my outfits are inappropriate but it doesn’t matter because I’m the boss
Published 1 years ago on Feb 19, 2023

The professional shared that she knows that the clothes she wears to work are inappropriate, but she doesn't care.

TikTok user Danielle Ormond (@deefc07) shared a video of herself at work that has caused many viewers on the platform to troll her for her lack of proper work attire, even though she's the supposed person in charge. 

Ormond is the mother of small children and maintains a lean body shape that gives her the confidence to wear short and tight clothing. 

In the video, the company director appears not to wear the typical business attire, like a blazer, dark trousers, or closed-toe shoes while at her place of work. 

She gives viewers a glimpse into what she wears on a typical Friday at the workplace. 

The video consists of the blonde woman panning the camera up and down her body as she sits in a black office chair. 

The subtitles "working late" and "inappropriately dressed" pop up on the screen for a short period of time. 

Ormond is wearing a red babydoll crop top with ruching, a medium-wash denim mini skirt, and strappy sandals. 

The song "Behind These Hazel Eyes" by Kelly Clarkson plays in the background, and she mouths the lyrics "here I am, once again."

The words "Happy Friday" are written on the screen before the video comes to a close.

Her choice of audio for the TikTok makes it seem as if the style she is wearing in the video is typical boss behavior on a Friday.

Many viewers in the comment section of the video sang Ormond's praises.

"Wow, wish you were my boss," a viewer wrote online.

"You always dress wonderfully," one user commented.

"Dress how u like unless the boss doesn’t agree lol" another added.

Though, there were a few people who were not impressed by the TikTok user's choice of attire.

"Look professional," one viewer bluntly wrote.

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