Inside Princess Carolina de Bourbon’s lavish 21st birthday bash

Inside Princess Carolina de Bourbon’s lavish 21st birthday bash
Published 1 weeks ago on Jul 09, 2024

Princess Carolina de Bourbon's Opulent 21st Birthday Extravaganza in Sardinia.

Princess Carolina de Bourbon spared no expense for her 21st birthday celebration, hosting a lavish affair at the luxurious Cervo Hotel in Costa Smeralda, Sardinia. The Italian heiress, daughter of Prince Carlo, Duke of Castro, and Princess Camilla, Duchess of Castro, treated guests to a weekend of indulgence amidst crystal blue waters and extravagant gifts.

A Birthday Fit for Royalty

Carolina's birthday bash was nothing short of spectacular, starting with a display of opulence that included six coveted Hermes gift bags, each potentially costing up to £30,000, alongside lavish items from Bottega Veneta, Jo Malone, and more. The celebration unfolded against the backdropp of the exclusive Costa Smeralda Resort, where rooms start at £880 per night, setting the stage for a weekend of luxury.

Extravagance Beyond Compare

The festivities were as grand as they come, with a four-tiered birthday cake adorned with sparklers and cherries, complemented by a dazzling fireworks display. Guests danced the night away amidst balloons, a "Happy Birthday Carolina" sign, and even an aquarium of exotic fish. Carolina's younger sister, Princess Chiara, also joined in the celebrations, sharing behind-the-scenes glimpses of a sumptuous banquet featuring cheeses, hams, grapes, olives, and seafood.

Aristocratic Roots and Connections

Born into aristocracy, Carolina and Chiara are well-known for their glamorous appearances at society events across Europe. Their father, Prince Carlo, holds a historic claim to the throne of the former House of Bourbon-Two Sicilies, a lineage tracing back to the Capetian Dynasty and spanning Southern Italy and Sicily. Their mother, Duchess Camilla, comes from a prominent Italian family with ties to industry and entertainment.

Rumors and Relations

Chiara, in particular, has drawn attention for her rumored connection with Prince Christian of Denmark, the future king. While initially sparking speculation due to family ties and shared childhood experiences, Chiara clarified that their relationship remains platonic, dispelling rumors after their absence from King Frederik's coronation. Nonetheless, she acknowledges her family's extensive connections within European royalty and former ruling families.

A Legacy of Luxury and Elegance

As Carolina and Chiara continue to navigate their roles in aristocratic circles, their birthdays and public appearances serve as reminders of their family's legacy and ongoing prominence. With ties to various European royal households and a penchant for extravagant celebrations, the Bourbon family remains a fixture in the exclusive world of high society.

Princess Carolina de Bourbon's 21st birthday celebration in Sardinia was not just a party but a testament to her family's enduring influence and penchant for grandeur. Surrounded by luxury, esteemed guests, and abundant gifts, Carolina marked this milestone in style, ensuring that her entry into adulthood was as spectacular as her lineage warrants.


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