Is Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage over?

Is Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's marriage over?
Published 1 weeks ago on Jul 11, 2024

Cracks Emerge in JLo and Affleck's Fairytale: Are They Headed for Splitsville?

Once a Hollywood dream couple reunited, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are facing rumors of a potential split after nearly two years of marriage.

Ditched Ring and Split Rumors:

Affleck was recently spotted ditching his wedding band, fueling speculation about the couple's marital status. This comes on the heels of reports claiming their marriage has been "over for months," with sources alleging they've been living separately since March.

Despite the Rumors, Hints of Care:

Despite the whispers of discontent, insiders report that Affleck remains "very protective of Jennifer." However, the couple hasn't been seen together publicly in almost a month, adding weight to the rumors.

Selling Off Assets and Separate Lives:

Further stoking the flames of speculation is the news that the couple is selling artwork from their Bel-Air mansion, which was also recently put up for sale. Their public appearances together have dwindled, with their last sighting being an awkward exchange at a basketball game in early June.

Moving On or Working Through Issues?

Reports suggest Affleck has moved into a rental property close to his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, while Lopez remains in their Bel-Air mansion. However, some sources claim they are still in contact due to shared business ventures.

JLo's Reported Frustrations:

A source close to Lopez alleges she's "over" trying to salvage the marriage and feels she's reached the end of the road. Reasons cited include Affleck's alleged negativity and their incompatible lifestyles.

Lopez Seeking Solace and Planning for the Future:

Following the reported marital woes, Lopez has been spotted vacationing with friends, seemingly seeking solace. She's also reportedly planning a 2025 tour, suggesting a focus on her career and personal well-being.

A Look Back at Bennifer 2.0:

For those invested in the couple's whirlwind romance, a brief recap is necessary. Affleck and Lopez first captured hearts in 2002, but their initial engagement ended in 2004. They rekindled their flame in 2021, culminating in a Las Vegas wedding in July 2022, followed by a grand ceremony in Georgia a month later.

Is the Fairytale Over?

Only time will tell if Bennifer 2.0 can weather the storm. The coming weeks and months will likely reveal whether they can reconcile or if they are indeed headed for divorce.


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