Italian models Giulia Salemi and Dayane Mello looks glam

Italian models Giulia Salemi and Dayane Mello looks glam
Published 1 years ago on Feb 26, 2023

ITALIAN models Giulia Salemi and Dayane Mello stunned onlookers at the Venice Film Festival as they suffered very embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

According to the Sun, the two stars wore very revealing dresses for a screening yesterday, and they both bared a little more than anticipated after apparently forgetting to wear underwear.

Dayane wore an extravagant pink frock for the showing of new TV series The Young Pope.

The frock was slashed to the waist, and the model suffered an embarrassing mishap when the dress fell aside and exposed her privates.

She was pictured attempting to preserve her modesty, but the model struggled to keep her dress in place.

Fellow model Giulia suffered a similar problem at the same screening.

She wore a revealing orange dress which barely covered her bits, and she also suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

Giulia’s frock slipped to the side and she accidentally flashed her crotch in front of the waiting photographers.

The screening was also attended by stars including Gemma Arterton who managed to keep herself covered up on the red carpet.

She wore a stunning gown, which was slashed to the thigh, but managed to avoid any embarrassing mishaps.

The actress is member of the jury for this year’s Venice film festival, which runs until 10 September.


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