Jennifer Lopez Stuns in Leather Bodysuit at LA Documentary

Jennifer Lopez Stuns in Leather Bodysuit at LA Documentary
Published 2 months ago on Feb 27, 2024

Jennifer Lopez Premieres Documentary About Rekindled Love with Ben Affleck, Dazzles in Brown Leather Bodysuit.

Los Angeles, CA - February 26, 2024 - Jennifer Lopez defied critics and embraced vulnerability at the Los Angeles premiere of her new documentary, "The Greatest Love Story Never Told," which explores her rekindled romance with actor Ben Affleck.

Lopez, 54, looked stunning in a plunging brown leather bodysuit that accentuated her toned legs, paired with sheer tights and a pencil skirt. She completed the look with chic YSL heels and a crocodile skin Hermes Birkin handbag, exuding an aura of timeless elegance.

The documentary, which premiered on Amazon Prime on Monday, is the third installment of Lopez's media exploration of her relationship with Affleck. It follows "This Is Me… Now: A Love Story," a semi-autobiographical project that served as a visual accompaniment to her single of the same name.

Despite facing initial criticism for the trilogy, Lopez has garnered praise for "The Greatest Love Story Never Told," with critics commending its "revelatory perspective" and its honest portrayal of the couple's journey.

However, the documentary also reveals that Lopez's unwavering dedication to expressing her love for Affleck wasn't always met with enthusiasm. In a surprising twist, the project highlights Affleck's initial discomfort with being the center of attention.

While Lopez expresses her deep love for Affleck throughout the documentary, she acknowledges his "uncomfortable" position as her muse. The 51-year-old actor openly admits that he finds their moments together "sacred and special" because of their private nature.

The documentary delves into the couple's love story, which began in 2002 on the set of the movie "Jersey Girl." After a whirlwind romance and engagement, they famously parted ways in 2004.

However, fate intervened, and "Bennifer" reunited in July 2021, culminating in their marriage a year later. Their rekindled love story, with its highs and lows, takes center stage in the documentary.

Affleck, known for his two Academy Awards, reveals his initial request to keep their relationship private when they reconnected in 2021. He humorously compares his discomfort with social media to marrying a "boat captain" who dislikes water.

Despite his initial hesitation, Lopez ultimately respected his wishes, showcasing their love story primarily through private moments and a handful of social media posts, including a Father's Day photo and a heartwarming birthday video.

The documentary sheds light on Affleck's struggles with alcohol addiction and how Lopez's "need for love" played a role in his journey towards recovery. He poignantly remarks that no amount of external validation can fill the void within.

Lopez also shares a touching anecdote about her husband's incredibly romantic gesture for their first Christmas back together. He compiled a book titled "The Greatest Love Story Never Told," filled with every letter and email they exchanged over two decades, showcasing the depth of their connection.

In December 2023, Lopez openly acknowledged the "PTSD" they both experienced due to the intense media scrutiny during their first relationship. However, she emphasizes that they are now "older" and "wiser," drawing on their past experiences to navigate their present as a married couple.

J-Lo reiterates the importance of staying true to oneself and prioritizing what truly matters in life, stating, "It's about being true to who you are."

The documentary takes viewers back to the genesis of "Bennifer" in 2002, exploring their initial public appearances and the media frenzy surrounding their relationship. Notably, the project dives into the public's fascination and subsequent mockery, including a memorable parody on "South Park."

Despite the challenges, Lopez and Affleck ultimately found their way back to each other, proving that true love can persevere through time and societal pressures. The documentary offers a candid and emotional portrait of their enduring love story, reminding audiences of the power of second chances and self-discovery.

From Gigli to "The Greatest Love Story Never Told": A Timeline of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's Relationship

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck's love story is one of Hollywood's most enduring and captivating sagas. From their initial spark on the set of Gigli in 2001 to their recent marriage in 2022, their journey has been filled with both passionate highs and challenging lows. This timeline delves into the key milestones of their relationship:


  • December: J-Lo and Ben Affleck meet while filming the movie "Gigli," which would later become a critical and commercial flop.


  • September: They reunite for the film "Jersey Girl," and their on-screen romance reportedly blossoms into a real-life relationship.
  • November: Ben proposes to Jennifer with a stunning 6.1-carat pink diamond ring, and the media frenzy surrounding their engagement begins.


  • September: Days before their highly anticipated wedding, they announce a postponement due to excessive media attention.


  • January: The couple officially calls off their engagement, citing the intense media scrutiny as a major factor.

2004 - 2005:

  • Jennifer marries singer Marc Anthony and starts a family, while Ben marries actress Jennifer Garner and also welcomes children.

2012 and 2014:

  • Despite their separate lives, both Ben and Jennifer acknowledge their past relationship with respect and fondness in interviews.


  • Ben appears in Jennifer's music video "Jenny From The Block," and she dedicates a song to him on her album.


  • Jennifer reflects on their past relationship, stating that it was a "genuine love" and that the intense media pressure played a significant role in their challenges.


  • Jennifer gets engaged to baseball star Alex Rodriguez.

April 2021:

  • Jennifer and Alex Rodriguez announce their separation.
  • Shortly after, Ben is seen visiting Jennifer's house, sparking rumors of a rekindled romance.

May 2021:

  • Ben whisks Jennifer away on a romantic getaway to Montana.
  • They are spotted together on numerous occasions, and their rekindled romance becomes official.

June 2021:

  • Jennifer visits schools in Los Angeles, hinting at a potential move to be closer to Ben.
  • They are seen exchanging a kiss and spending time with their children.

Summer 2021:

  • Ben and Jennifer enjoy outings with their blended family.

January - March 2022:

  • The couple searches for a new home together in Los Angeles.
  • Ben supports Jennifer at the iHeartRadio Music Awards.

April 2022:

  • Jennifer confirms their engagement for the second time through a video message, showcasing her new engagement ring.

July 16, 2022:

  • Jennifer and Ben tie the knot in a surprise Las Vegas wedding ceremony, 20 years after their initial engagement.

Present Day:

  • The couple continues to navigate their life together as husband and wife, documenting their experiences in Jennifer's recent documentary "The Greatest Love Story Never Told."

This timeline provides a glimpse into the remarkable journey of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck. Their story, filled with twists and turns, showcases the enduring power of love and second chances.


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