JLo flaunts abs amid Ben Affleck divorce rumors in Italy

JLo flaunts abs amid Ben Affleck divorce rumors in Italy
Published 4 weeks ago on Jun 20, 2024

Jennifer Lopez Enjoys Italian Getaway Amidst Split Rumors with Ben Affleck.

Jennifer Lopez is vacationing in Italy, soaking up the sun and sporting a toned physique, while rumors continue to swirl about the status of her marriage to Ben Affleck.

Spotted in Sorrento

Photos obtained by the Daily Mail show Lopez looking radiant in a yellow crop-top and matching shorts while vacationing with friends on a yacht in Sorrento, Italy. The 54-year-old singer appeared relaxed and carefree, miles away from her husband.

Troubled Paradise?

This Italian escape comes amidst ongoing speculation about a potential split between Lopez and Affleck. The couple recently listed their Bel Air mansion for $65 million, sparking rumors of a rocky marriage. While real estate agents insist the price is fair, the mansion has yet to find a buyer.

Clashing Priorities?

Sources close to the couple suggest differing desires regarding the Bel Air property may have contributed to the listing. Lopez reportedly found the 12-bedroom house too large, while Affleck preferred a location closer to his children from his previous marriage with Jennifer Garner.

Signs of a Breakup

Lopez and Affleck reportedly haven't been seen together in weeks, further fueling rumors of a possible separation. Additionally, Lopez is said to be already looking for a new home, while Affleck resides in a rented property in Brentwood.

A Dream Home Turned Sour

The couple's purchase of the Bel Air mansion was seen as a symbol of their rekindled romance. However, recent developments suggest the dream home may not have lived up to expectations. The lavish interior photos of the property have reappeared on realtor websites, raising questions about a potential relisting.

Industry Insider Speaks Out

An industry source close to Lopez claims she's grown weary of trying to salvage the marriage. The source alleges Lopez feels she's exhausted all efforts and the relationship has reached a dead end.

Reasons for the Split

The insider suggests Affleck's negativity and grumpiness were significant factors in Lopez's decision. They compared his demeanor to Oscar the Grouch from Sesame Street.

Moving Forward

Despite the marital woes, Lopez is said to be focusing on staying positive. She's been working out, spending time with her twins, and planning her return to touring in 2025. Lopez reportedly feels unfairly portrayed in the media and hopes fans would understand her situation better if they knew the full story.

A Supportive Network

Lopez is reportedly leaning on her close friends for support during this challenging time. Her stylist, Shawn Barton (Beezy), and vocal coach, Stevie Mackey, are said to be part of her inner circle.

Resilience and Strength

Despite the recent setbacks, sources close to Lopez believe she's a strong and intelligent woman who will overcome these challenges. Her unwavering spirit and history of bouncing back from adversity suggest she will emerge stronger from this experience.


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