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Jodie Foster Reveals Turning Down Princess Leia Role in Star Wars and Reflects on the Joy of Turning 60

Jodie Foster Reveals Turning Down Princess Leia Role in Star Wars and Reflects on the Joy of Turning 60
Published 2 months ago on Jan 18, 2024

.Foster explained that, despite being offered the role, she had prior commitments to a Disney movie and chose not to pull out due to contractual obligations. The 61-year-old Oscar winner humorously speculated about how she might have portrayed the character, playfully mentioning the possibility of sporting a different hairstyle, perhaps opting for a "pineapple" look.

Missed Opportunity for Princess Leia:

During her appearance on Jimmy Fallon's talk show, Foster confirmed the internet rumors that she was offered the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars. However, the timing and contractual obligations to a Disney movie prevented her from taking on the iconic character. The actress acknowledged that the filmmakers did an excellent job with the casting, expressing uncertainty about how she might have portrayed the role and humorously suggesting a different hairstyle.

Reflecting on the Missed Role:

In response to Fallon's question about the missed opportunity, Foster admitted, "They were going for a younger Princess Leia but I had a conflict. I was doing a Disney movie, and I just didn't want to pull out because I was already under contract." Despite the intriguing "what-if" scenario, Foster maintained a lighthearted perspective, acknowledging the exceptional job that was done with the casting and playfully envisioning an alternative hairstyle for Princess Leia.

Jodie Foster's Positive Outlook on Turning 60:

Beyond the Star Wars revelation, Jodie Foster also shared insights into her experience of turning 60 during an appearance on the Today show. The Oscar winner described the day she turned 60 as "one of the best" days of her life, highlighting the newfound sense of contentment and happiness that came with entering her 60s. Foster contrasted her 60s with her "confusing" 50s, expressing a sense of liberation from self-imposed expectations and a greater acceptance of the present.

The Joy of Being 60:

When asked about her current state in her 60s, Foster explained, "I think it's some kind of hormone or something that got injected into my system, where suddenly the day I turned 60 was one of the best days of my life." She shared that the feeling of happiness and contentment stems from a perspective shift, emphasizing that nothing truly matters, and every day feels like a bonus. Foster expressed a sense of readiness for whatever the future holds, free from the pressures of competition with her past self.

Family and Personal Life:

Jodie Foster, a two-time Academy Award winner, is a mother to two sons, Charles "Charlie" Bernard and Christopher "Kit" Bernard, from her previous relationship with Cydney Bernard. The couple split in 2008, and Foster later married Alexandra Hedison in 2014. As Foster reflects on her illustrious career, the decision to turn down the role of Princess Leia becomes just one part of her rich and diverse journey in the world of film.

Jodie Foster's revelation about turning down the role of Princess Leia adds a fascinating chapter to the actress's storied career. Her humorous take on the missed opportunity and playful speculation about an alternative hairstyle contribute to the charm of her storytelling. Additionally, Foster's reflections on turning 60 offer a glimpse into her current state of contentment and acceptance, emphasizing the joy of living in the present moment. As fans celebrate Jodie Foster's contributions to the film industry, her candid revelations and positive outlook continue to resonate with audiences worldwide.


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