Joe Bradley Denies Hooking Up with Luann de Lesseps

Joe Bradley Denies Hooking Up with Luann de Lesseps
Published 2 months ago on Feb 23, 2024

'Southern Hospitality' Star Joe Bradley, 28, Refutes Claims of Hooking Up with Luann de Lesseps, 58, Amid Reunion Drama.

Amidst a storm of controversy, "Southern Hospitality" star Joe Bradley, 28, vehemently denies allegations of a romantic entanglement with "Real Housewives of New York City" alum Luann de Lesseps, 58, following an explosive Season 2 reunion. Despite mounting speculation fueled by leaked Instagram messages and on-set whispers, Bradley maintains his innocence, insisting that while he and de Lesseps hit it off, their interaction remained platonic.

The drama unfolded during the reunion episode, with Bradley addressing rumors of a rendezvous with de Lesseps after a flirtatious encounter on "Watch What Happens Live." Admitting to being "too flirtatious," Bradley clarified that while their rapport may have crossed a line, he adamantly refutes any physical intimacy, affirming, "I did not kiss her. We did not hook up."

However, Bradley's version of events was met with skepticism from co-star TJ Dinch, who privately confided in fellow castmate Mia Alario about their alleged tryst. Despite Bradley's protestations, Dinch remained adamant, prompting moderator Andy Cohen to probe further. The tense exchange escalated as Dinch pressed Bradley to come clean, resulting in heated confrontation and accusations of dishonesty.

In the aftermath of the reunion, Dinch shared a screenshot of a direct message purportedly from Bradley, implying a degree of guilt and attempting to discredit Dinch's credibility. While Bradley has yet to publicly address the leaked message, the fallout has cast further doubt on his denials.

De Lesseps, for her part, has remained silent on the matter, though she previously acknowledged the chemistry between herself and Bradley. However, she emphasized that Bradley was involved with fellow reality star Danielle Olivera at the time, acknowledging her interest only in the event of their breakup.

Indeed, Bradley confirmed his split from Olivera around the time of his appearance on "Watch What Happens Live," further complicating the narrative surrounding his interactions with de Lesseps.

As tensions continue to simmer and conflicting accounts emerge, the scandal surrounding Bradley and de Lesseps serves as a cautionary tale of the perils of fame, friendship, and romance in the world of reality television. With the truth shrouded in uncertainty, only time will tell how this saga unfolds.



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