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Jonathan Majors dating Meagan Good after physically assaulting his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari

Jonathan Majors dating Meagan Good after  physically assaulting  his ex-girlfriend Grace Jabbari
Published 10 months ago on May 13, 2023

 Sources with direct knowledge tell us, over the course of the last several weeks, Jonathan and Meagan have gotten close, and the relationship is “fairly new.” What's more, a witness tells us they were at the Alamo Drafthouse in L.A. last weekend to see a movie ... so it's not like they're hiding the fact they're hanging out.

It's unclear how serious the relationship is, but we've reached out to reps for Meagan and Jonathan. So far, no word back.

Of course, Majors continues to fight criminal charges in NYC 3 counts of attempted assault as well as assault, one count of aggravated harassment, and a separate count of harassment.

The actor is accused of slapping his ex-girlfriend in March in the back of a taxi after a night out partying in NYC.

Majors' attorney, Priya Chaudhry, has maintained her clinet's innocence from the beginning ... and has provided investigators with several surveillance videos, and text messages from the alleged victim in an attempt to prove Majors' innocence.

In one video, the ex-gf is drinking and partying in a nightclub, hours after the allegedly violent incident. Majors' team claims the images show she was not injured.

Majors had a court hearing earlier this week where his legal team hoped the D.A. would dropp some, if not all, of the charges ... but they all remain.

After the hearing, Chaudhry called the entire case a racist witch hunt, adding, "When Mr. Majors showed a white police officer the injuries the woman caused him, the white officer got in Mr. Majors' face and taunted him, saying that if the officer were to slap Mr. Majors, the officer wouldn't break his finger."

Chaudhry's also annoyed neither the police or the D.A.'s office is investigating Majors' claim his ex actually assaulted him that night.


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