Joy Corrigan Rocks Sporty Chic Leaving Alo HQ

Joy Corrigan Rocks Sporty Chic Leaving Alo HQ
Published 1 months ago on Mar 02, 2024

The former Victoria's Secret  Model Joy Corrigan Stuns in Sporty Chic Attire Leaving Alo Headquarters.

Beverly Hills, CA - Former Victoria's Secret Angel Joy Corrigan turned heads as she left the offices of athletic brand Alo in Beverly Hills, California, on [date]. The 36-year-old model showcased her toned physique in a stylish and practical outfit, perfect for both a workout and a casual outing.

Sporty Chic with a Touch of Edge

Corrigan sported a black sports bra, highlighting her sculpted arms and midriff. The olive green bicycle shorts added a touch of color and complemented her athletic figure. To elevate the look, she layered a taupe trench coat over the top, providing a sophisticated touch and balancing the sporty elements.

Joy Corrigan, 36, showed off her phenomenal figure in a tiny black sports bra and olive green bicycle shorts as she left the offices of athletic brand Alo in Beverly Hills

Statement Boots and Finishing Touches

Black over-the-knee boots added a bold statement to the ensemble, elongating her legs and adding a touch of edge. To complete the look, Corrigan styled her long blonde hair in a sleek middle part and sported a berry-colored lip tint. She accessorized with large black sunglasses and a small black handbag, keeping the focus on her outfit while adding a touch of personal flair.

Active Lifestyle on Display

The sighting comes shortly after Corrigan shared a glimpse into her morning routine on social media, showcasing her dedication to health and fitness. In a short video, she started her day with yoga poses, stretching, and a positive message of self-love. This aligns with her work as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, where maintaining a healthy lifestyle is crucial.

She paired the sporty look with a taupe trench coat and over-the-knee black leather boots

Embracing Authenticity and Self-Love

Corrigan has recently opened up about her personal journey, including her experiences in the modeling industry. Last year, she revealed she had been truthful about her age for several years, stating that she felt pressured to do so by agents and others in the industry.

She shared her struggles with self-doubt and the fear of losing work due to ageism. However, Corrigan emphasized finding her voice and embracing her authentic self.

The new snaps come after the Sports Illustrated Swim Suit Edition model shared a short video of her getting up in the morning and getting right to her yoga routine

Moving Forward with Confidence

In her own words, Corrigan stated, "Today, at 35, I've never felt better, younger, or more alive. Here is my truth. My life is just beginning." This powerful message resonated with many, inspiring others to embrace their truth and live authentically.

Beyond the Outfit: A Message of Self-Acceptance

While Corrigan's outfit undoubtedly attracted attention, the story goes beyond the surface. Her journey highlights the pressures faced by individuals in the modeling industry and the importance of self-acceptance, regardless of age.


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