Kate Middleton to miss trooping the Colour dueto cancer

Kate Middleton to miss trooping the Colour dueto cancer
Published 3 weeks ago on May 30, 2024

Princess of Wales Will Not Return to Duties in June: Palace Confirms in Rare Update.

Princess of Wales Will Not Return to Duties in June: Palace Confirms in Rare Update

In a rare and significant update, Buckingham Palace has confirmed that the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, will not be resuming her royal duties in June. This includes her absence from the Colonel's Review, the traditional rehearsal for Trooping the Colour, scheduled for June 8. The announcement comes as Kate continues her chemotherapy treatment.

Health and Royal Duties

The decision reflects Kate Middleton's ongoing health challenges. The 42-year-old princess, who is undergoing cancer treatment, will remain out of the public eye to focus on her recovery. As Colonel of the Irish Guards, she would typically play a central role in the Colonel's Review, taking the salute from the troops. Instead, Lieutenant General James Bucknall, a former commander of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, will act as the inspecting officer on her behalf.

This updat follows a previous incident in March when the Army prematurely announced Kate's attendance at Trooping the Colour events. Tickets had been sold for her to review a "practice" parade, which led to confusion when Kensington Palace clarified that her participation had not been confirmed.

Trooping the Colour: Changes and Continuity

Buckingham Palace also announced that King Charles III will adapt his role in the upcoming Trooping the Colour on June 15. Traditionally conducted on horseback, this year’s event will see King Charles, aged 75, review the soldiers from an Ascot Landau carriage alongside Queen Camilla. This change is based on medical advice as the King continues his own treatment for cancer.

The King’s decision to travel by carriage, rather than on horseback, marks a notable shift in the ceremony’s execution, reflecting the practical adjustments made necessary by his health condition. This adaptation is consistent with earlier briefings from Buckingham Palace, which emphasized that each of the King's engagements would be reviewed and modified as needed based on his doctors' advice.

The Princess's Health Journey

Kate Middleton's health journey has been a subject of significant public interest and concern. In an emotional video released on March 23, she disclosed that she was undergoing treatment for cancer, following a period of planned abdominal surgery. Prior to this announcement, her absence from public events and limited information about her condition had fueled speculation and concern.

Her decision to step back from royal duties during her chemotherapy is supported by her doctors, and her return to public life will be determined based on her medical team's advice. This cautious approach underscores the importance of her health and well-being over public appearances.

Royal Family Dynamics

The Royal Family has had to navigate these personal health challenges while maintaining their public roles and commitments. The initial confusion over the Princess of Wales's attendance at Trooping the Colour events earlier this year highlighted the delicate balance between planning royal engagements and accommodating health needs.

Despite these challenges, the Royal Family continues to fulfill their duties. King Charles and Queen Camilla have remained active, engaging in various public appearances. Recently, they toured the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London, meeting notable alumni such as David Harewood, Cynthia Erivo, and Daniel Mays.

Trooping the Colour, a celebration that has marked the official birthday of the British sovereign for over 260 years, remains a key event in the royal calendar. This year's ceremony will include nearly 1,000 soldiers and about 240 horses from the Household Division. A 'khaki rehearsal' was conducted recently on Horse Guards Parade, providing a test for the soldiers and horses who have not yet rehearsed publicly.

Lieutenant Colonel James Shaw, the Brigade Major of the Household Division, is overseeing the rehearsals to ensure the troops meet the required standards for the event. The Number 9 Company, Irish Guards, has been selected to troop their colour, marking the occasion with a distinctive Irish theme in the musical arrangements.

The public and media reaction to these developments has been a mix of concern and support. The revelation of both King Charles's and Princess Kate's health issues has brought a renewed focus on the personal lives of the royals. However, there is also a strong sentiment of admiration for their continued commitment to their roles despite these challenges.

The adjustments made for this year's Trooping the Colour, including the King's carriage ride and the Princess of Wales's absence, reflect the Royal Family's ability to adapt and maintain their traditions while prioritizing health and well-being. This adaptability is seen as a testament to their resilience and dedication.

Looking ahead, Buckingham Palace has indicated that the attendance of other Royal Family members at Trooping the Colour events will be confirmed closer to the dates. This approach allows for flexibility and ensures that any changes due to health or other unforeseen circumstances can be accommodated without causing significant disruption.

As the Royal Family navigates these challenging times, they continue to engage with the public through various events and appearances. The annual Trooping the Colour will proceed, maintaining its historical significance and providing a moment of celebration and continuity amidst the changes.

The confirmation that the Princess of Wales will not be returning to duties in June, coupled with the adaptations for King Charles III's role in Trooping the Colour, highlights the Royal Family's commitment to balancing their public responsibilities with personal health needs. The rare updates from Buckingham Palace provide a transparent view into the challenges faced by the royals, reinforcing the importance of health and adaptability in their ongoing service to the nation.


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