Kendall Jenner shares the secrets of her beauty regime

Kendall Jenner shares the secrets of her beauty regime
Published 3 weeks ago on May 02, 2024

Kendall Jenner Spills the Tea (and Other Beauty Secrets) in New Vogue Vogue Video.

Kendall Jenner has blessed us mere mortals with a peek into her daily beauty routine, courtesy of a new video for's "Beauty Secrets" series

Supermodel Kendall Jenner has blessed us mere mortals with a peek into her daily beauty routine, courtesy of a new video for's "Beauty Secrets" series. From her morning rituals to her favorite drugstore finds, the 28-year-old offers a glimpse into how she achieves that signature fresh-faced glow.

Inner Beauty Starts From Within

Jenner's day kicks off with a focus on wellness, not just aesthetics. Ginger tea, a well-known antioxidant with anti-inflammatory properties, gets her system going. She then pampers her under-eye area with gold patches, a luxurious touch that helps reduce puffiness and brighten the complexion.

Gua Sha: A Traditional Technique for Modern Benefits

Next comes gua sha, a traditional Chinese practice that involves using a smooth-edged tool to gently scrape the skin. Jenner explains her preference for virgin coconut oil as a lubricant for this ritual, allowing the gua sha tool to glide smoothly. However, she emphasizes the importance of cleansing her face afterwards to remove the excess oil, especially considering her acne-prone skin.

Double Cleansing for a Flawless Canvas

Jenner's battle with acne is something many can relate to. She openly acknowledges her struggles throughout childhood and even into adulthood. This experience has instilled in her a meticulous skincare routine, which includes double cleansing. First, she utilizes Shea Moisture's 100% Virgin Coconut Oil Daily Hydration Face Lotion with a spritz of Heritage Store Rosewater for the gua sha massage. Following this, she washes away any residue with Jan Marini Bioglycolic Face Cleanser.

Jenner's day kicks off with a focus on wellness, not just aesthetics

Hydration and Protection: The Pillars of Healthy Skin

When it comes to maintaining a healthy complexion, Jenner prioritizes both hydration and sun protection. She reaches for La Mer's moisturizing cream to replenish her skin's barrier, followed by EltaMD SPF to shield against harmful UV rays. A final spritz of Caudalie Beauty Elixir Face Mist adds a touch of dewy freshness.

Makeup Must-Haves: A Mix of High-End and Drugstore Gems

Jenner's makeup philosophy leans towards a natural, effortless look. She starts with a base of Chanel foundation and strategically targets blemishes with L'Oréal Paris Infallible Full Wear Waterproof Concealer. To add a touch of warmth, she utilizes Charlotte Tilbury's Beautiful Skin Sun-Kissed Glow Cream Bronzer. For a pop of color, she incorporates Kylie Cosmetics' Lip and Cheek Glow Balm, showcasing the versatility of a multi-use product.

Brows on Fleek: A Combination of Techniques

For perfectly defined brows, Jenner employs a two-step approach. She first uses L'Oréal Paris Lumi Glotion to highlight her arches and the bridge of her nose, creating a defined canvas. She then fills in the brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz pencil, achieving a natural yet polished look.

French Girl Inspiration: Effortless Chic

Jenner emphasizes her preference for natural makeup not just for herself but for others as well. She concludes her makeup routine with a touch of pressed powder, followed by L'Oréal's La Palette Nude eyeshadow for a subtle definition of the eyes. Panorama Mascara adds a touch of drama to her lashes.

Jenner emphasizes her preference for natural makeup not just for herself but for others as well

The final touch? French girl vibes! Drawing inspiration from a popular TikTok trend, Jenner applies a red L'Oréal Colour Riche Original Satin Lipstick and then "smudges it" across her lips with her finger. This creates a soft, diffused effect, perfectly embodying the effortless chic of Parisian style.

A Look for Everyone

Kendall Jenner's beauty routine offers valuable insights for anyone seeking to achieve a healthy, radiant complexion with a touch of effortless glamour. She incorporates a blend of high-end favorites and accessible drugstore finds, proving that achieving a beautiful look doesn't require breaking the bank. Whether you're drawn to the traditional techniques like gua sha or the trendy TikTok hacks, Jenner's openness allows viewers to find inspiration and create a personalized beauty routine that works for them.


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Gua sha is a traditional Chinese healing method in which a trained professional uses a smooth-edged tool to stroke your skin while they press on it. This motion raises small, red, rash-like dots that show under your skin called petechiae. 

People use gua sha to treat chronic pain all over their body. They often do it alongside other complementary treatments like herbal medicine, massage, acupuncture, and heat therapy. 

What Happens 

To prepare you for treatment, your technician will put oil on your body. They'll then use the stone-like gua sha massage tool to scrape to your skin in long, downward strokes. This is when you'll notice areas of petechiae on your skin. 

At first, they'll gently use the tool on your skin. Gradually, add more pressure to the strokes. They'll only apply as much pressure as you're comfortable with. 

This process is believed to help blood flow and create a 'lifting' effect on your skin, which some say may help lessen toxins in your body and promote healing. 

You might also have gua sha done on your face, but that process would be gentler. 

Potential Benefits 

A few studies have looked at whether it can be helpful for some conditions, including: 

Hepatitis B. One study shows that it might help lower the amount of liver inflammation caused by the hepatitis B virus. But we need more studies to know for sure. 

Migraines. A study suggests that as part of a 14-day inpatient treatment, gua sha appeared to help ease migraine pain. But experts need more research and clinical trials to prove this. 

Tourette's syndrome. This condition affects your nervous system and causes 'tics,' or sudden twitches. In one study, a man with Tourette's syndrome used a combination of acupuncture, herbs, lifestyle changes, and gua sha once a week for 35 weeks. He saw his symptoms improve by 70%. But researchers need more evidence to confirm the links. 

Neck pain. In one clinical trial, 48 people with chronic pain in their necks went into two equal groups. After a week, the people that had gua sha treatment saw their pain ease significantly for a short time. Experts are undecided about the long-term effects of gua sha on neck pain. 

Potential Risks 

Typically, gua sha is considered safe. However, you may have some bruising or discoloration of your skin. You could also be sore and tender for a short while after you have your treatment. 

You shouldn't have it if you're taking medicine for blood clots. 

If you're thinking about trying gua sha, talk with your doctor first to make sure it's right for you.


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