Kim Zolciak Launches Instagram Sale of Kroy Biermann’s Items Amidst Relationship Struggles and Financial Woes

Kim Zolciak Launches Instagram Sale of Kroy Biermann’s Items Amidst Relationship Struggles and Financial Woes
Published 2 months ago on Dec 18, 2023

In a video shared on her new Instagram account, Zolciak showcased high-end Louis Vuitton luggage, emphasizing its excellent condition and the fact that Biermann had used it only once for his football games.

Even Biermann's luxury shoes have made their way onto the sale platform, accompanied by various wigs and handbags. The reality star’s daughter, Brielle Biermann, joined in to support her mother’s new venture, encouraging followers to check out the items for sale.

This move follows Zolciak's previous attempt to cash in on luxury goods, where she posted her 26-year-old daughter Brielle’s handbags and shoes, some priced as high as $10,000, for sale on her personal Instagram in July. The transactions were facilitated through the cash-transfer app Zelle.

The tumultuous relationship between Zolciak and Biermann has been marked by two divorce filings by the retired NFL player this year. Their troubles escalated last month when one of their children called the police to their Georgia mansion amid an explosive fight. Police bodycam footage revealed a heated confrontation during which Biermann accused Zolciak of infidelity.

Despite the publicized altercation, the couple was later seen on a romantic hibachi date. The duo faces financial challenges, including debt and lawsuits, prompting Zolciak to leverage their situation for financial gain. She utilized a Celebrity Buzz article filled with ads to address the bodycam footage, vehemently denying allegations of infidelity.

As Zolciak seeks various methods to address their financial struggles, her Instagram sales appear to be the latest attempt to alleviate the mounting financial pressures facing the couple. The tumultuous personal and financial challenges continue to unfold in the public eye.

Kim Zolciak's Daughters and More:

Kim Zolciak has six children, four of whom are biological and two adopted. Here's a breakdown of their careers and personal lives:

Brielle Biermann (26, Kim's biological daughter):

  • Career: Reality TV star (Don't Be Tardy...) and social media influencer, known for her fashion sense and outspoken personality.
  • Biological father: Unrevealed publicly.

Ariana Biermann (22, Kim's biological daughter):

  • Career: Journalist and writer, currently working at PEOPLE magazine.
  • Relationship with Kroy Biermann: Considers him a father figure and refers to him as Dad.

Kaia Rose & Kane Ren Biermann (10, twins, adopted by Kroy):

  • Personal lives: Not much information is publicly available about their activities.

Kash Kade & Kroy Jagger Biermann (11 & 12, adopted by Kroy):

  • Personal lives: Not much information is publicly available about their activities.

Brielle's biological father's identity has never been publicly confirmed. She has expressed interest in finding him but respects her mother's decision to keep it private.

"Big Poppa" was a nickname often used for Kim's then-boyfriend Big Nasty (Big Boi) of the rap duo Outkast. They dated in the early 2000s, before she met Kroy Biermann.

In 2015, Kim Zolciak suffered a mini-stroke, caused by a temporary blood clot in her brain. She has since recovered and advocates for stroke awareness.

Brielle Biermann's biological father:

Kim Zolciak has chosen not to publicly reveal the identity of Brielle's biological father, and Brielle respects her mother's decision. While speculation continues, the answer remains confidential.

2. Kroy Biermann's salary:

Specific details of Kroy Biermann's current salary are not publicly available. His salary during his NFL career varied depending on contracts and bonuses, but estimates place it in the millions. He also earns income from sponsorships and business ventures.

3. Age difference between Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann:

Kim Zolciak was born in 1978 and Kroy Biermann was born in 1986. This means that Kim is 8 years older than Kroy.

4. What does Kim Zolciak's daughter do?

Kim Zolciak has six children, but your question likely refers to one of her two biological daughters:

  • Brielle Biermann: A reality TV star (Don't Be Tardy...) and social media influencer, known for her fashion sense and outspoken personality.
  • Ariana Biermann: A journalist and writer, currently working at PEOPLE magazine.

Please clarify which daughter you're interested in if you'd like more specific information about their careers.

Remember, respecting privacy is important. While curiosity is natural, focusing on publicly available information helps maintain individuals' privacy and prevents speculation.

Kim Zolciak has come a long way since her "Real Housewives of Atlanta" days! Here's a glimpse into her life and fortune in 2023:

Net Worth:

  • Estimates vary, but most sources place Kim's net worth between $5 million and $10 million.

Career Highlights:

  • Reality TV star ("Real Housewives of Atlanta" and "Don't Be Tardy...")
  • Singer and songwriter (known for hits like "Don't Be Tardy for the Wedding")
  • Entrepreneur (clothing line, perfume brand, hair extensions line)

Home Sweet Home:

  • Currently lives in a massive mansion in Georgia, though recent legal issues sparked rumors of potential foreclosure.

Social Media Star:

  • @kimzolciakbiermann on Instagram, with over 3 million followers, offering glimpses into her family life, fashion choices, and business ventures.


  • 47 years old (born May 19, 1978)


  • Brielle and Ariana Biermann (biological daughters)
  • Kaia Rose, Kane Ren, Kash Kade, and Kroy Jagger Biermann (adopted with husband Kroy Biermann)

Throwback Time:

  • Kim started her career as a singer in the early 2000s and gained wider recognition through "Real Housewives" in 2008.

Recent News:

  • Faced some legal challenges with her Georgia mansion, potentially due to unpaid taxes.
  • Continues to promote her various businesses and projects through social media.

Kroy Biermann: From NFL Star to Family Man

Kroy Biermann, the former Atlanta Falcons linebacker, has carved out a successful life beyond the football field. Let's dive into his net worth, career transition, and current endeavors:

Net Worth:

Estimates for Kroy Biermann's net worth in 2023 range from $300,000 to $7 million. These variations stem from different sources and consider factors like his NFL earnings, brand endorsements, and potential financial challenges reported in 2023.

NFL Career:

Drafted by the Atlanta Falcons in 2008, Kroy Biermann played professional football for eight seasons, primarily with the Falcons. He recorded 51.5 sacks throughout his career, becoming a fan favorite for his defensive prowess and signature sacks celebration dance.


Kroy Biermann officially retired from the NFL in 2016, citing injuries and a desire to focus on family. He mentioned wanting to be more present for his six children and wife, Kim Zolciak.

Age and Current Activities:

Born in 1986, Kroy is currently 37 years old. He remains active in various pursuits:

  • Family life: Raising his six children with Kim Zolciak and actively participating in their lives.
  • Business ventures: Exploring entrepreneurial opportunities, though specific details are not publicly available.
  • Reality TV: Occasionally appearing alongside Kim Zolciak in their family reality show, "Don't Be Tardy..."
  • Social media: Maintaining an active presence on Instagram (@kroybiermann) with over 800,000 followers, offering glimpses into his family life and personal interests.

Job and Height:

Kroy's current primary job title is not publicly disclosed, but he remains engaged in various pursuits as mentioned above. His impressive height of 6 feet 4 inches (1.93 meters) continues to be a defining physical characteristic.



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