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Kristen Bell To Star In Erin Foster Comedy Series

Kristen Bell To Star  In Erin Foster Comedy Series
Published 1 years ago on Mar 01, 2023

 It comes from 20th Television where sisters Erin and Sara Foster have a pod deal and Levitan is under an overall deal.

This is believed to be the first series order for a 20th TV show at Netflix since the studio became part of Disney as media congloms start shifting their focus from exclusively supplying their own streamers to profitability. Under new (old) CEO Bob Iger, Disney has been exploring licensing more film and TV content to rivals.

20th Television was one of the first traditional studios to sell an original series to Netflix with the Arrested Development revival more than a decade ago.

The untitled Kristen Bell series (fka Shiksa), which had been in negotiations at the streamer for the past couple of months, is loosely based on Foster’s real-life experiences. It is centered on the unlikely relationship between an irreverent, outspoken, agnostic woman (Bell) and an unconventional rabbi.

Bell, Erin Foster and Levitan executive produce alongside Craig DiGregorio, Sara Foster and Danielle Stokdyk. Oly Obst and Josh Lieberman are executive producers for 3arts. 20th Television produces with studio-based Steven Levitan Prods.

Veronica Mars star Bell was recently seen in the movie The People We Hate At the Wedding. She is repped by CAA, James Adams at Schreck Rose Dapello and True Public Relations.

Erin Foster wrote, starred in, and executive produced with Liz Meriwether the 20th TV-produced Fox comedy pilot Daddy Issues, which also starred Don Johnson. Erin and Sara Foster, daughters of music producer David Foster, also co-created, executive produced and starred in reality parody Barely Famous, which aired for two seasons on VH1. They are repped by WME and 3 Arts.

Levitan co-created and executive produced ABC/20th TV’s acclaimed comedy series Modern Family, which ran for 11 seasons. He most recently created and executive produced the 20th TV comedy Reboot, which ran on Hulu for one season.

Kristen Bell Movies

Must-See Films Starring Kristen Bell 
Kristen Bell, a versatile actress known for her wit, infectious charm, and ability to balance humor and drama, has graced the screen in a wide range of films. Whether you're a fan of her early work or want to explore her filmography, this list highlights some of Kristen Bell's must-see movies that cater to different cinematic tastes: 

For the Comedy Enthusiast: 

Bad Moms (2016):  Bell joins an all-star cast of moms in this hilarious comedy about three overworked and underappreciated women who decide to break free from societal expectations and reclaim their lives.  Prepare for laugh-out-loud moments and relatable situations. 

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008):  This cult classic romantic comedy features Bell as a manipulative ex-girlfriend who becomes the ultimate obstacle course for a heartbroken protagonist on a Hawaiian vacation. Bell's portrayal is both hilarious and surprisingly nuanced. 

For the Animation Buff: 

Frozen (2013) and Frozen II (2019):  Bell lends her voice to the iconic character of Anna in Disney's mega-hit Frozen and its sequel.  Her singing voice and comedic timing bring Anna's quirky personality to life, making her a favorite among fans of all ages. 

Zootopia (2016):  Bell voices the sarcastic yet determined bunny officer Judy Hopps in this Disney animated film that tackles themes of prejudice and inclusion in a clever and entertaining way. 

For the Fan of Thrillers and Mysteries: 

The Woman in Black (2012):  This gothic horror film stars Bell as a young lawyer who travels to a remote village to settle a mysterious estate.  As she delves deeper, she uncovers a chilling secret that puts her life in danger. 

Veronica Mars (2014):  Bell reprises her iconic role from the beloved cult television series in this feature film continuation.  Veronica, a witty and resourceful private investigator, tackles a new case that brings her back to her hometown and forces her to confront past demons. 

For the Family Movie Night: 

Hitting the Apex (2015):  This documentary, narrated by Bell, explores the world of motorcycle racing through the eyes of a group of passionate female riders.  It's an inspiring and emotional journey that transcends the typical sports documentary. 

Like Father Like Son (2018):  Bell co-stars in this heartwarming comedy-drama about two families whose lives are turned upside down when they discover their newborn babies were switched at birth.  Laughter and touching moments intertwine as the families navigate this unexpected situation.


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