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Love Island fans all have the same complaint as Claudia storms off after showdown

Love Island fans all have the same complaint as Claudia storms off after showdown
Published 1 years ago on Feb 28, 2023

The 28-year-old got up and walked off telling him: "Let's just leave it."

It came after a game of Snog, Marry, Pie left Claudia  feeling like she'd been shunted into second place.

Casey  chose to snog Rosie  and marry Claudia, leaving her eyeing the ring and snarling: "I’m going to throw it in his face.”

She later got him back, saying: "I'm going to take great pleasure in this one right now," before slamming it in Casey's face.

She added: "So I decided to pie this boy because you can’t have your cake and eat it and I will be no one's option."

Later, Casey came to find Claudia - who had been loudly complaining he'd messed her around.

He told her: "Sorry if you felt pushed aside but for me there's more of a connection there with Rosie."

Casey insisted he had behaved honourably, saying he'd been "honest and upfront" on Love Island. 

However, Claudia clearly didn't agree - saying she's been pushed aside and saying he owed her an apology.

She said: "Not much more to say from me, it's fine. Let's just leave it. I wish you the best. That's it."

With that she cut him off got up and walked away in a dramatic finale to Monday night's episode.

However, some accused her of overreacting, with one tweeting: "Claudia acting like he proposed and broke it off the day before the wedding."

Another agreed: "No one else in the villa has made THIS big of a deal, when their partner is getting to know someone else, when it’s been this early on, Claudia needs to get a grip!"

However, others were sympathetic. One posted: "Claudia is definitely not my fave but I really feel bad for her. I hope she’s okay."


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