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Mean Girls fans are angry over deleted scene that could have 'changed' entire movie

Mean Girls fans are angry over deleted scene that could have 'changed' entire movie
Published 1 years ago on Feb 18, 2023

It’s been nearly two decades since the teen, cult classic, Mean Girls, was first released in cinemas and it’s remained a firm fan favourite ever since. In fact today, on October 3rd, hardcore fans are wearing pink (yes - even though it's not a Wednesday) to celebrate what has been dubbed ‘Mean Girls Day’.

But despite its ongoing popularity in the 18 years since its debut - and constant referencing in teen pop culture - some fans are only just discovering this deleted scene that could have completely changed the ending of the movie.

If you’ve watched the film, you’ll know that Regina George Rachel McAdams), queen bee and head of The Plastics, nearly meets an untimely end when she gets hit by a bus after a raging argument with Lindsay Lohan'S character, Cady. In the version of the film we all know and love, the pair seem to tolerate each other by the end, but are far from back to being the best of friends.

But, in a deleted scene set at the end of year Spring Fling dance, the pair make amends - sort of - and Cady ends up apologising to Regina for her attempts to sabotage her and win over her crush, Aaron Samuels.

In a shocking turn of events, Regina forgives Cady and admits that Aaron liked her the whole time.

The scene has been shared on TikTok by @randomclipsdaily,  where fans of the movie vented their fury that it ended up being deleted from the final film. They took to the comments section to air their frustration, with one user saying: "It feels like this scene really changed their relationship!"

Someone else said: "They definitely should’ve kept all of this in," with another even claiming: "The movie would've been so much better with [this scene] because it would be amazing for her to be nice at the end."

However, some disagreed, glad that Regina remained bitter until the end, claiming that it just wasn’t in her to forgive Cady so openly.

One fan said: "No, I think they did right by the movie by leaving this scene out."

Another agreed saying: "The Regina thing ended how it should have in the movie, subtle respect and understanding, not explicit."

However, if you do recognise this deleted scene and are wondering why nobody else has seen it before, it could be because this scene was included in the musical adaptation of Mean Girls on Broadway, almost word for word.

Plus, this scene made it into the extended cut of the movie, so if you’re lucky enough to have a DVD of the film, chances are you don’t know the film without this scene.


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