Meghan King Issues Warning About Alexis Bellino's Relationship with John Janssen: Love-Bombing Concerns Surface

Meghan King Issues Warning About Alexis Bellino's Relationship with John Janssen: Love-Bombing Concerns Surface
Published 2 months ago on Jan 17, 2024

In an exclusive interview with Page Six, Meghan King opened up about her apprehensions regarding the budding romance between Alexis Bellino and John Janssen, the former boyfriend of fellow "Real Housewives of Orange County" cast member, Shannon Beador.

During a playful round of Page Six's "Show the Shot or Take the Shot," King was dared to reveal the last text message she received from Bellino, which happened to revolve around her relationship with Janssen.

"[Bellino] just said, 'Thank you for your love and support,' because I was texting her like, 'Be careful –– it seems like he's love-bombing,'" King disclosed.

Despite not having met Janssen in person, King expressed her concerns, attributing them to possible "red flags" she identified after learning more about his past. Drawing from her own experience in a narcissistic relationship, King explained, "I'm sure he has a lot of lovely traits, but after being in a narcissistic relationship myself and done a lot of healing from that, I just see things that have been put out willingly by both of them, all of them, that kind of lead me to believe that there might be some red flags in the way that John approaches a relationship."

Meghan King, 39, also shared that she has been in contact with Shannon Beador, 59, who is reportedly coming to terms with her ex-boyfriend dating Bellino. King revealed a recent text exchange between them, discussing psychics and reminiscing about their time on "RHOC."

"Oh this is cute, OK, so we were texting about psychics, and I have a really good psychic. She's into that, she's always been into that, and so I gave her the psychic's information," King explained, shedding light on their last text conversation.

Despite the unfolding drama between Bellino and Beador, King emphasized her efforts to remain neutral and supportive of both friends. "I just wanna be the one to lend my love and support because I know that no matter who you are or how much I like you or dislike you, we're all in a very unique position with having our personal lives out there, and we're all a part of this 'Housewives' club, so I just wanna make sure that we band together when the time is right," she asserted.

In November, Page Six confirmed that Alexis Bellino, 47, and John Janssen, 61, were getting to know each other, leading to an official confirmation of their relationship a few weeks later. The couple has been visibly affectionate in public, with Janssen even gifting Bellino a $16,000 promise ring for Christmas.

The unfolding drama between Bellino and Beador may become a focal point in the upcoming season of "RHOC," as Page Six has confirmed that Bellino has received a "formal contract" to rejoin the series, while Beador reportedly returned to filming last week. Fans can expect tensions and emotions to run high as the reality show delves into the complexities of these relationships in the upcoming season.

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