Melania Trump Stuns in $4K Dress, Raises $1.4M at NYC Fundraiser

Melania Trump Stuns in $4K Dress, Raises $1.4M at NYC Fundraiser
Published 1 weeks ago on Jul 09, 2024

Melania Trump Stuns in $4K Dress, Raises $1.4M at NYC Fundraiser.

In a rare public appearance, Melania Trump dazzled in a $4,000 red Valentino dress and patent leather Christian Louboutin stilettos at a high-profile political fundraiser in New York City on Monday night. The former first lady’s event successfully raised $1.4 million for the Log Cabin Republicans, the largest conservative LGBTQ+ organization in the United States.

Melania Trump’s stunning presence at the fundraiser marked a significant departure from her typically low-profile public life since leaving the White House. Exclusive photos from Dailymail.com captured her in a striking sheath dress, complemented by her iconic So Kate Christian Louboutin pumps, reflecting her impeccable fashion sense.

A Rare and Lavish Fundraiser

The fundraiser was held at the Trumps’ opulent private penthouse in Trump Tower, spanning three floors. It was the second fundraiser Melania has hosted this year for the Log Cabin Republicans, emphasizing her support for the organization and its initiatives. Notable attendees included former White House official Kellyanne Conway, former Senator Kelly Loeffler, businessman Bryan Eure and his husband Bill White, former acting director of U.S. National Intelligence Richard Grenell, and philanthropists Nazee and Joseph Moinian.

Richard Grenell took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to announce the impressive fundraising achievement. “.@MelaniaTrump opened her NYC Penthouse tonight to raise money for @LogCabinGOP. It’s the first campaign event ever held at the Trump residence. And we raised $1.4 million in one night. Our goal is to get 50% of the gay vote for Donald Trump,” Grenell wrote.

Melania’s Commitment to Equality

During her remarks, Melania reiterated her commitment to “equality for all,” echoing sentiments from a similar event she hosted in April at the Trumps’ Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida. At that event, she had emphasized the importance of inclusivity and support for the LGBTQ+ community, aligning with the Log Cabin Republicans' mission.

Charles Moran, president of the Log Cabin Republicans, praised the event as an “amazingly spectacular event,” highlighting Melania’s ongoing efforts to champion conservative LGBTQ+ causes.

Melania’s Fashion Choice: A Nod to the Past

For the fundraiser, Melania chose to rewear a red crepe midi dress by Valentino, a piece she had previously worn in April 2017 during a dinner with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago. The dress, valued at approximately $4,000, holds cultural significance, as red is considered a lucky color in China. This sartorial choice not only showcased Melania’s sophisticated style but also reflected her appreciation for cultural symbols.

Contrasting Public Appearances

Melania’s appearance at the fundraiser stands in stark contrast to her husband, Donald Trump, who has maintained a relatively low profile since his debate with Joe Biden. Following the debate, where Biden faced significant criticism from within his own party, Trump has largely remained behind closed doors. His post-debate activities have been limited to a call-in to Fox News’ Sean Hannity and active postings on his Truth Social account. He is also scheduled to hold a rally at Trump Doral, his Miami golf club, on Tuesday evening.

Advisers close to Trump have indicated that he is taking a step back to observe the unfolding dynamics within the Democratic Party. Meanwhile, Melania’s active engagement in fundraising and political events suggests a renewed vigor in her public role.

A Contrast with Jill Biden

Melania Trump’s limited public appearances and political engagements this year starkly contrast with First Lady Jill Biden’s active campaign efforts for President Joe Biden. Jill Biden has been a constant presence at campaign events, including the first presidential debate, where she rushed to join her husband onstage afterward. Melania, on the other hand, did not attend the debate and has only participated in a handful of events related to Donald Trump’s 2024 presidential campaign.

Since announcing his presidential bid in November of last year, Melania has appeared at only one fundraiser for Trump’s campaign and accompanied him to vote in Florida’s primary. When asked if she planned to campaign for her husband, she cryptically responded, “Stay tuned,” leaving the public uncertain about her future involvement.

Melania’s Public Presence

Melania Trump was last seen in public in New York City in late June, leaving Trump Tower in a chic summer ensemble. Her previous public appearance with Donald Trump was in May, when they attended their son Barron’s high school graduation.

As the 2024 presidential race intensifies, Melania’s recent fundraiser and her striking fashion choices signal a potential increase in her public and political activities. Her support for the Log Cabin Republicans highlights her commitment to conservative LGBTQ+ issues, setting the stage for her to play a more prominent role in the upcoming election season.



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