Miley Cyrus’ birth chart revealed

 Miley Cyrus’ birth chart revealed
Published 1 years ago on Feb 18, 2023

Sun in Sagittarius

Miley was born on November 23, 1992, in Nashville, Tennessee, at 4.19pm.

If Team Sagittarius were real, Miley would be its mascot.

Your sun sign represents your core self and is considered the building block of your personality.

Many with their sun sign in Sagittarius will relate to Miley's independence, restlessness, and passion for exploring.

She's shown her independent nature repeatedly, but perhaps the most notable was in 2013, during her Wrecking Ball Era . 

Miley got our attention with her need to set herself apart from the rest.

Sagittarius suns are also known for their quirkiness, which Miley Cyrus demonstrated during her Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petz era in 2015.

Moon in Scorpio

Your moon sign represents your emotions, instincts, and habits, both good and bad.

Miley's moon is in Scorpio, which means she isn't afraid of transformation, even if it means peeling back the layers and going deep.

Those with their moon placement in Scorpio are typically fiercely loyal.

That's why it makes sense that she's releasing music allegedly about Liam years after their divorce.

He was part of her life for more than a decade, which is something that someone with their moon in Scorpio wouldn't take lightly.

Mercury in Scorpio

Your Mercury sign represents how you relate to the world outside of yourself.

It represents how you communicate with others, both on interpersonal and grand scales.

In Miley's case, her Mercury placement is also in Scorpio.

A person whose Mercury is in Scorpio is highly perceptive and super direct when it comes time for confrontations.

Miley's communication with the world may represent what she has gone through on a personal level.

Emotions also run deep through this water sign, making an ordinarily level-headed person act out.

Venus in Capricorn

Your Venus sign defines what you find beautiful, what you find worthy, and what you find pleasurable.

It's a sign of love and indulgence.

Miley's Venus is in Capricorn, which is an earth sign.

Capricorns are hard-working and ambitious and also seek partners who have similar mindsets.

As for what they find to be pleasurable, people with their Venus in Capricorn placements tend to be grounded and want partners who are also down-to-Earth.

When it comes to spending money, those with Venus in Capricorn are more likely to hold out for solid investment like real estate. 

Mars in Cancer

Mars is the planet of energy.

Your drive to get things done and your goals and ambitions lie under Mars.

Miley's Mars is in Cancer, which is another deep-delving water sign.

With her Mars in Cancer, she's likely to draw on her emotions for energy to pursue her goals.

Other traits of those with Mars in Cancer are that they are nurturing and protective of animals and anyone they hold close to them.

Jupiter in Libra

Jupiter is known as the luckiest planet for ruling growth and expansion.

Miley's Jupiter lies under Libra, which means that she's most likely to grow through collaborations and partnerships.

If you consider the artists and other songwriters that she's worked with, then this makes sense.

She was also lucky to be born to a famous father, meaning opportunities in the entertainment industry came quickly.

Miley, however, has come into her own as an artist.

However, a little New Year's Eve collaboration with her godmothe, Dolly Parton, never hurt. 

Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn is the planet that rules structure, authority, and maturity.

Miley's Saturn in Aquarius means that she is likely to rebel against the expectations set for her by society.

She's also likely a good leader for any community or causes that she holds close to her heart.

Miley has been tied to more than 40 individual charities in her life, and she encourages other stars also to get involved.
Known for being eccentric, those with Saturn in Aquarius may be a bit outside the box, but that's what draws others to them.

Uranus in Capricorn

Miley's Uranus is in Capricorn, a sign with several placements in her chart.

Uranus is the planet of innovation, while Capricorn represents traditional energy.

Perhaps this expressed itself best in Miley's desire to be married.

Innovative Uranus would have been tugging at her to stay solo, while her traditional roots in the Earth sign of Capricorn would have been begging her to plant them.

In the end, her traditional energy likely won out.

Neptune in Capricorn

Miley's Neptune is in Capricorn.

While in some people, this represents a clash between the dreamy weirdness of Neptune and the structure of Capricorn, for Miley, that makes a lot of sense.

For example, Miley began playing guitar when she was eight, but it wasn't like she was great at it overnight.

It took years of disciplined practice and work with teachers, mentors, and coaches to become her absolute best.

Then, once she knew the structure and the "correct" way to do things, she was allowed to let her dreamy weirdness take over, producing hits that other singers may not have been able to handle

Pluto in Scorpio

Pluto is the planet of destruction and recreation, while Scorpio is the placement representing death and rebirth.

These two go together hand-in-hand and represent themselves in the lives of many millennials.

In Miley's case, she came in on a wrecking ball, so there's that.

But also, this placement can be tied to crises and moments of intense (sometimes painful) change in life.


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