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Miley Cyrus's Grammy-Winning Hit 'Flowers' Draws Controversy

Miley Cyrus's Grammy-Winning Hit 'Flowers' Draws Controversy
Published 2 months ago on Feb 21, 2024

Miley Cyrus Fans Astounded as Instagram User Points Out Lyrical Resemblance Between "Flowers" and Bruno Mars Ballad.

Miley Cyrus fans were left in disbelief on Wednesday as an Instagram user shed light on the striking similarities between Cyrus's Grammy-winning hit "Flowers" and Bruno Mars' ballad "When I Was Your Man." The revelation has sparked discussions among fans about the origins and inspirations behind Cyrus's acclaimed song.

"Flowers," penned by Cyrus along with Gregory Hein and Michael Pollack, garnered mainstream recognition in February when it was awarded Record of The Year at the 66th annual Grammy Awards, with Cyrus also winning Best Pop Solo Performance. The song, widely interpreted as a response to Cyrus's separation and subsequent divorce from ex-husband Liam Hemsworth, has now come under scrutiny for its apparent resemblance to Mars' earlier work.

An astute Instagram user, Jarred Jermaine, pointed out the lyrical parallels between the chorus of "Flowers" and Mars' lamentation about failing to express affection for his former lover in "When I Was Your Man." While Mars' song reflects regret for not buying flowers or showing public displays of affection, Cyrus's lyrics offer a contrasting perspective of empowerment, with lines such as "I can buy my own flowers" and "I can hold my own hand."

In addition to the lyrical similarities, Jermaine drew attention to the structural resemblance of "Flowers" to Gloria Gaynor's disco classic "I Will Survive" and the 2023 single "After Like" by South Korean girl group Ive. Moreover, the comparison extended to Cyrus's vocal delivery, with Jermaine humorously likening her Tennessee accent to the robotic twang of a Battle Droid from the Star Wars franchise.

The Instagram post sparked a flurry of reactions from fans, with some questioning whether Cyrus should share writing credits with Mars and other artists for the apparent similarities. Others speculated on the significance of Cyrus's song as a response to Mars' track within the context of her personal life.

Despite the discussions surrounding its origins, "Flowers" marked a significant milestone in Cyrus's career, earning her first-ever Grammy Awards. During the ceremony, Cyrus expressed her gratitude and excitement, joking about her frantic journey to the event and her admiration for fellow artist Mariah Carey.

Reflecting on the journey leading up to the Grammy win, Cyrus compared "Flowers" to a butterfly, symbolizing the culmination of her efforts and experiences. The heartfelt analogy resonated with fans, highlighting the significance of the song in Cyrus's artistic journey.

As discussions continue about the origins and inspirations behind "Flowers," Cyrus remains celebrated for her musical achievements and her ability to connect with audiences through her heartfelt lyrics and emotive performances.

miley cyrus grammy 2024

Miley Cyrus had a very successful night at the 66th Annual Grammy Awards held on February 4th, 2024:

Awards and Nominations:

  • Won:
    • Record of the Year for "Flowers"
    • Best Pop Vocal Album for "Plastic Hearts (Deluxe Edition)"
  • Nominated:
    • Best New Artist
    • Best R&B Album for "Plastic Hearts (Deluxe Edition)"
    • Best R&B Performance for "What Was I Made For?"
    • Best Traditional R&B Performance for "Wrecking Ball (Live at Studio 8)"
    • Best R&B Song for "What Was I Made For?"


  • Miley gave a stunning and emotional performance of her hit song "Flowers," which went viral and further boosted its popularity.
  • She wore a sparkly gold dress during the performance, adding to the glamour of the award night.

Acceptance Speech:

  • In her acceptance speech for Record of the Year, Miley delivered a heartfelt message about staying true to oneself and not seeking validation through awards.
  • She thanked her team, collaborators, and fans, and dedicated the award to anyone who feels different or out of place.

Overall Impact:

  • Miley's Grammy wins and performance solidified her status as a major force in music, showcasing her talent and versatility as an artist.
  • The awards garnered significant media attention and further propelled her career, especially for "Flowers" and "Plastic Hearts (Deluxe Edition)."




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