Moms of Ex-Miss USA and Teen USA Speak on Abuse and Bullying

Moms of Ex-Miss USA and Teen USA Speak on Abuse and Bullying
Published 1 weeks ago on May 14, 2024

Miss USA Controversy: Moms of Resigned Queens Allege Bullying and Harassment.

Miss USA Controversy: Moms of Resigned Queens Allege Bullying and Harassment

 Former Queens' Mothers Speak Out About Toxic Workplace Environment

The recent resignations of Miss USA 2023 Noelia Voigt and Miss Teen USA 2023 UmaSofia Srivastava sent shockwaves through the pageant world. Now, the mothers of both former titleholders are stepping forward, alleging a toxic workplace environment rife with bullying and harassment.

Explosive Allegations on National Television

In a sit-down interview on Good Morning America, Jackeline Voigt and Barbara Srivastava shed light on the reasons behind their daughters' sudden departures. Both mothers painted a disturbing picture, accusing the Miss USA organization of failing to protect its titleholders and fostering a culture of abuse.

A Dream Turned Nightmare

Barbara Srivastava, mother of UmaSofia, claimed her daughter faced bullying and missed opportunities due to Miss Teen USA management. She further alleged that UmaSofia's social media accounts were monitored and controlled, hindering her ability to connect with fans.

Sexual Harassment and Lack of Support

Jackeline Voigt, mother of Noelia, recounted a specific incident that pushed her daughter to resign. According to Jackeline, Noelia was subjected to inappropriate comments and sexual harassment during a Christmas parade event. She expressed disappointment with the Miss USA organization's response, claiming CEO Laylah Rose offered little comfort or support to her daughter.

Resignation Letters Hint at Trouble

Noelia's resignation letter, obtained by The New York Times and GMA, alluded to the harassment incident. She wrote about feeling unsafe at events and enduring "sexual harassment." Jackeline further criticized the organization's response, which downplayed their responsibility to ensure the safety of titleholders during public appearances.

Standing Up for Each Other

Barbara Srivastava revealed that UmaSofia's decision to resign was partly influenced by the way the organization handled Noelia's situation. Seeing her friend unfairly scapegoated, UmaSofia felt compelled to take a stand and resign in solidarity.

Calls for Change and Transparency

Both mothers demanded a public apology from Laylah Rose and called for her resignation as president. They also urged the Miss USA organization to address the alleged issues and create a safe and supportive environment for future contestants.

Nondisclosure Agreements and a Message to Future Participants

Jackeline and Barbara claimed their daughters are bound by nondisclosure agreements, preventing them from disclosing specifics of their experiences. They used the interview to warn future contestants and their families to carefully consider participating in the Miss USA pageant, citing the negative experiences of their daughters.

Miss USA Organization Responds

The Miss USA organization released a statement on their website, emphasizing their commitment to fostering a healthy and supportive environment for all participants. They requested public empathy and a focus on rebuilding trust within the community.

A Turning Point for Pageantry?

These allegations raise serious questions about the treatment of women in the pageant industry. The mothers' bravery in speaking out could spark industry-wide changes, ensuring the safety and well-being of future contestants.


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