Netflix's Luther: The Fallen Sun ending, revealed

Netflix's Luther: The Fallen Sun ending, revealed
Published 1 years ago on Mar 11, 2023

Luther: The Fallen Sun dropped on netflix today (10th March) and sees Luther take on his biggest and most twisted case yet, as he investigates serial killer David Robey (Andy Serkis). The film brings back some of our favourite characters such as DSU Martin Schenk (Dermot Crowley) and introduces us to some new ones including Cynthia Erivo as DCI Odette Raine.

In the two hour long film, a lot goes down and we'll admit at times we were a little confused, and so we've broken down exactly what happened in the ending of Netflix's Luther: The Fallen Sun.

What happens in Luther: The Fallen Sun?

Luther: The Fallen Sun begins with Luther investigating the case of missing teenager Callum Aldrich, however, he is quickly put off the case after serial killer David Robey leaks his misdemeanours to the media. Luther ends up in jail, unable to do anything to help find Callum.

Callum's mother receives what appears to be a call from Callum, and drives to an abandoned house, where she and a number of other families of missing people find their loved ones dead and up in flames.

DCI Odette Raine is brought onto the case and begins to investigate the mass murders. Robey begins to taunt Luther in jail by sending him a radio with a recording of Callum's cries.

Luther manages to bust his way out of jail with the help of his friend Dennis McCabe (Vincent Regan). Then he begins his hunt for Robey.

After tracking him down, Luther has many close calls with Robey, including tracking him down to Piccadilly Circus where Robey has organised a mass stunt of a multiple people committing suicide. Luther chases Robey through the London underground, but Robey evades capture.

Luther soon begins to piece Robey's plan together, and realises Robey is able to blackmail multiple people with the secrets they're most shameful of. It's revealed he has a massive operation working underneath him, with his team using video surveillance footage in order to recruit more victims.

Luther tries to convince Raine Robey is planning something bigger, but she is only concerned with getting Luther locked up again.

It is then revealed Raine's subordinate DS Archie Woodward is working with Robey, presumably as Robey has a secret over him. Robey then kidnap's Raine's daughter Anya (Lauryn Ajufo) and threatens Raine, telling her she has to get rid of Luther in order to see her daughter again.

Luther goes to visit Callum's mum Corinne (Hattie Morahan) who reveals she has met someone new called 'Tommy' who said he lost his wife in terrible circumstances. Tommy is of course Robey, who gets close to all his victims' families by lying about his dead wife.

Robey's wife Georgia is actually alive and has been living in care after she nearly died in a house fire and is suffering from major burns.

Raine reluctantly agrees to work with Luther, despite the safety of her daughter and the pair go to visit Georgia who shares with them Robey's deepest secrets and the location of his lair.

Back at the Serious and Serial Crime Unit, Archie's colleague reveals an online Red Room, where viewers get to vote for how people die is happening soon.

Luther tips off Schenk that someone will try to kill Georgia and has Schenk goes to find Georgia, but Archie has gotten there first and is planning to kill Georgia. Schenk stops him, but Archie then kills himself.

After finding out the location of Robey's lair in Norway, Raine and Luther head straight to it.

How does Luther: The Fallen Sun end?

When Luther and Raine arrive at Robey's snowy and Bond villain-esque lair, they discover a number of dead bodies, with Raine initially thinking her daughter is one of them.

However, the body does not actually belong to Anya, and they are both attacked by Robey's henchmen.

They are brought to Robey in his Red Room, which is broadcasting live over the internet. Luther is chained up to a chair and Raine is shown her daughter is alive behind a glass screen.

Robey attempts to get Raine and Luther to torture each other, however Luther manages to get inside Robey's head, reminding him of his anxieties, particularly his teeth grinding. He also shouts at the viewers watching at home, telling them they are being traced by the police, and very quickly the Red Room begins losing viewers. Luther tells Robey the police are on their way.

Spooked, Robey makes a run for it and Luther chases after him, whilst Raine and Anya fight off Robey's henchman.

Luther chases Robey outside and they begin a furious battle in Robey's car, which soon ends up plunging into a frozen lake.

Robey attempts to escape but cannot get out of the frozen lake and drowns. Luther is saved by divers and reunites with Raine, before being arrested.

Who is the chief at the end of Luther: The Fallen Sun?

After Luther is arrested, he is airlifted out to safety and to have his injures mended. He wakes up at a stately home, confused and finds Schenk who tells him he has been taken to a government safe house.

Schenk gives Luther back his iconic coat which has been mended. They see a convoy of black cars turn up and Schenk says to Luther he doesn't think he is being sent to jail anymore.

Once Luther is dressed, the pair make their way out of the house and are greeted by a man in a suit, civil servant Tim Cranfield (Guy Williams). He commends Luther on his job with Robey and then tells him the "chief would like a word" and indicates for Luther to get into the car.

And the film ends there. So who is this mysterious chief? And will Luther return to prison? Hopefully we'll get a season six one day and find out.

Luther: The Fallen Sun is available on Netflix now


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