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Netflix’s Password Sharing Ban

Netflix’s Password Sharing Ban
Published 1 years ago on Feb 18, 2023

Netflix has backtracked somewhat on its plan to ban password sharing, proving a persistent issue with streaming services. According to Netflix, over 100 million households share their accounts and this password sharing negatively affects their business. This has led Netflix to its recent attempts at curbing password sharing. But each announcement and policy has been met with intense backlash.

Netflix most recently announced that users would need to have a primary home location and the streaming service wouldn't be accessible in other homes. Later, netflix clarified the service would be accessible when traveling for short amounts of time and users would be able to pay an additional $5.95 to add profiles from a different household to their account. The updat will first roll out to a limited number of countries outside the U.S.A. Even though Netflix hasn't completely walked back its initial announcement, it does seem it was trying to respond to the backlash. The controversy proves a permanent problem with streaming.

Netflix's banning Ban Password Sharing Will Only Scare Audiences Away

Netflix trying to ban password sharing will only ever scare away users who don't want or can't afford to pay more for an individual subscription. Banning password sharing will ultimately be impossible because of this, not just for Netflix, but for other streaming services as well, although none are cracking down as hard as Netflix. On top of the password sharing ban, Netflix is also infamous for cancelling beloved ones shows. Attempting to stop people across multiple households from sharing an account is just the icing on the cake for some users already thinking about jumping ship.

Other streaming services have limits to how many devices can stream at a time, which can make password sharing difficult. But none have tried to ban the practice outright, so users are more willing to use these other services. Still, despite the threat of losing customers, Netflix isn't backing down, and keeps pushing for an end to password sharing.

Why Streaming Services Will KeepTry To Ban Password Sharing

Netflix and other streaming sites know that if people didn't share their passwords, and instead signed up individually, they would make more money. That's why Netflix will keep spending significant time and effort to stop the practice, even if so far, it just scares away customers. Netflix hopes that, eventually, users will just give up and pay more to see new Netflix original movies and shows. This hasn't proven successful, especially with Netflix backtracking after each negative response. It seems no matter how hard streaming services try, they will never be able to put an end to password sharing completely.



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