New wedding trend sees braless brides in see-through gowns

New wedding trend sees braless brides in see-through gowns
Published 2 months ago on Feb 29, 2024

Breaking Bridal Boundaries: The Rise of Sheer and Sensational Wedding Gowns.

Brides are opting for the daring look for their wedding. Marco & Maria showed many sheer and nearly-nude gowns at Barcelona Bridal Week, including the one pictured above

In a bold departure from traditional bridal attire, a risqué new trend is sweeping through wedding aisles as brides across the globe embrace the art of 'freeing the nipple' in stunning 'naked' gowns. From red carpet icons like Heidi Klum and Kendall Jenner to the recent nuptials of singer Rita Ora, the movement towards braless, see-through gowns is gaining momentum.

Rita Ora's Tom Ford nipple-baring gown for her 2023 nuptials is one example of the trend in real life

During the latest bridal fashion week in New York, the runway was ablaze with daring designs featuring sheer bodices and bra-baring bustiers. Bridal boutiques are now stocking up on these sultry styles, with Kleinfeld Bridal, the famed New York City boutique featured on "Say Yes to the Dress," even dedicating an entire section of their website to the trend.

The phenomenon is not merely a fashion statement but a cultural shift, with celebrities and influencers leading the charge. Rita Ora's headline-grabbing Tom Ford gown at her 2023 wedding exemplified this trend, while French influencer Camille Charriere stunned the world with her completely see-through wedding dress.

The sheer bridal trend took over the runway, with this model hitting Paris Fashion Week in a plunging, nip-baring gown

Julie Sabatino, a renowned wedding stylist and consultant, attributes the allure of sheer gowns to their ability to accentuate intricate details like lace and embroidery, making them a favorite among designers and brides alike. However, she acknowledges the delicate balance brides face in navigating family expectations and personal style preferences.

Israeli designers such as Berta, Galia Lahav, and Lee Petra Grebenau have been instrumental in popularizing the sheer bodice trend, captivating brides with their blend of elegance and allure. Sharon Sever, head designer at Galia Lahav, notes a growing demand for transparency in bridal looks, fueled by social media and celebrity influences.

French influencer Camille Charriere wore a completely see-through wedding dress on her big day, although she opted for white briefs underneath 

Sheila Sciocchetti, VP General Merchandise Manager at Kleinfeld Bridal, observes a shift towards more romantic and subtly sexy designs, catering to brides who seek a balance between tradition and modernity. Yet, concerns over family approval linger, prompting some brides to opt for adjustable opacity options to ease anxieties.

Celebrity bridal stylist Hope Lavine emphasizes the confidence brides gain from embracing sheer silhouettes, drawn by the allure of high fashion and celebrity-inspired weddings. While some brides tread cautiously, others boldly embrace the trend, pushing the boundaries of bridal fashion.

Bridal boutiques like New York City's famous Kleinfeld now have entire sections on their websites devoted to finding sheer wedding gowns

Despite its growing popularity, the sheer gown trend remains polarizing, with some viewing it as a bold expression of individuality and others as a departure from traditional values. Ultimately, as Hope Lavine aptly puts it, fashion is subjective, and brides are empowered to choose a wedding ensemble that reflects their unique style and sensibility.

Wedding stylist and consultant Julie Sabatino, founder of The Stylish Bride and author of Dressed, Styled, and Down the Aisle, said sheer gowns had been an ongoing trend

As brides continue to redefine bridal norms, one thing remains clear: the era of the sheer and sensational wedding gown is here to stay, ushering in a new era of bridal elegance and empowerment.



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