Nicola Peltz Sizzles in Red at Victoria Beckham's PFW Show

Nicola Peltz Sizzles in Red at Victoria Beckham's PFW Show
Published 2 months ago on Mar 02, 2024

Nicola Peltz Stuns in Red at Victoria Beckham's PFW Show After Walking Rumors. 

Actress Nicola Peltz shuts down runway rumors, stuns in red mini dress at Victoria Beckham's Paris Fashion Week show with husband Brooklyn Beckham.

Nicola Peltz stole the spotlight as she arrived hand-in-hand with husband Brooklyn Beckham for his mother Victoria Beckham's Paris Fashion Week show, shutting down recent rumors that she would be walking the runway.

The 29-year-old actress looked dazzling in a bright red mini dress, paired with white fishnet stockings and towering pink platform heels. Brooklyn, 24, donned a black jacket and beige top with matching baggy trousers.

Fueling the Fire: Earlier in the week, Victoria sparked speculation by posting a photo with Nicola from a fitting session, hinting at a potential runway appearance for her daughter-in-law. The post, featuring both women in glamorous outfits, sent the fashion world abuzz.

Setting the Record Straight: Despite the rumors, Nicola's arrival with Brooklyn confirmed her presence as a supportive audience member, not a model.

Nicola Peltz looked stunning  as she left La Réserve Hôtel hand-in-hand with husband Brookly ahead of his mother Victoria's Paris Fashion Week show on Friday

A Family Affair: The Beckhams' united front comes amidst reports of a reconciliation between Victoria and Nicola, following previous rumors of tension. Their recent public appearances and family gatherings suggest a stronger bond between the two women.

Beyond the Runway: Nicola recently secured a coveted role as the new face of Balenciaga, joining the ranks of fashion icons like Kim Kardashian. This exciting development further cements her position in the fashion industry, independent of Victoria's brand.

Fashion Feud or Family Fun?: Victoria also maintains a close relationship with Mia Regan, her eldest son Romeo's ex-girlfriend. Despite Romeo and Mia's recent split, Victoria continues to collaborate with Mia on fashion projects, demonstrating her commitment to fostering positive relationships beyond familial ties.

American star Nicola, who married Brooklyn in 2022, flaunts her legs  as she wore a bright red mini dress

A Fashionable Future: With Paris Fashion Week in full swing, both Victoria and Nicola continue to make their mark on the industry. While Nicola takes center stage as a brand ambassador, Victoria showcases her design talent on the runway. This event marks a significant moment for both women, solidifying their individual and potentially collaborative fashion journeys.

Why did Brooklyn Beckham take Nicola Peltz last name?

Why Brooklyn Beckham Chose to Combine His Last Name with Nicola Peltz's" Learn why Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz decided to merge their last names into one unique identity. In an exclusive interview with E! News' Daily Pop, the 23-year-old shared his reasoning behind this unconventional choice. Speaking to Daily Pop's Francesca Amiker at Variety's Power of Young Hollywood event on August 11, Brooklyn expressed, "I found it to be a distinctive choice. It's not common for men to adopt their wives' surnames, so I thought, 'Why not stand out?'"



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