Paige Spiranac is ready for Nathan's hot dog eating contest

Paige Spiranac is ready for Nathan's hot dog eating contest
Published 2 weeks ago on Jul 03, 2024

Social Media Star Paige Spiranac Hints at Shocking Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Appearance.

Social Media Star Paige Spiranac Hints at Shocking Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest Appearance

The Nathan's Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest, a cornerstone of American Independence Day celebrations, faced a major blow this year with the disqualification of its 16-time champion, Joey Chestnut. The competitive eating legend's brand deal with Impossible Foods conflicted with the contest's organizer's preferences, leaving a massive gap to fill.

However, social media influencer Paige Spiranac, a former professional golfer known for her large following and engaging personality, has sparked a firestorm of speculation with a recent social media post. On her Instagram Stories, Spiranac shared a photo of herself in a star-spangled top and denim shorts, posing seductively in front of a plate overflowing with hot dogs. The caption, "So excited for you to see all the July 4th content I have planned for you plus a surprise," sent fans into a frenzy.

While Spiranac rose to fame on the golf course, her competitive eating skills remain untested on a large scale. After the news of Chestnut's disqualification broke, she took to social media to showcase her hot dog devouring abilities. In a self-filmed video, Spiranac attempted to replicate the legendary 10-minute eating challenge. Her technique involved tackling the sausages first, leaving the buns for later. However, the challenge proved more daunting than anticipated. By the sixth hot dog, Spiranac visibly struggled, eventually resorting to sharing some with her dog.

Reflecting on her experience, Spiranac admitted defeat. "That sucked," she confessed. "The two-dogs-at-once technique wasn't it. I started too aggressively. It was a mistake. I should've stuck to my one-at-a-time plan." Describing the difficulty, she mentioned the sheer volume of food becoming overwhelming. "The density of it all... I had so much in my mouth I couldn't swallow. It was like these huge chunks, and I didn't know what to do. Not fun at all. The smell of hot dogs is making me gag right now."

Joey Chestnut, the undisputed king of competitive eating, holds the Nathan's Famous record with a staggering 76 hot dogs devoured in 10 minutes. Nicknamed "The Colossus of Kraut," Chestnut will be showcasing his talents elsewhere this year. He will face off against four soldiers on a Texas army base on Independence Day, attempting to out-eat their combined total. "If they each break ten, that'd be pretty good," Chestnut said while undergoing his unique pre-competition routine involving water, lemon juice, and liquified calories, as reported by the New York Post.

Whether Spiranac's social media post hints at a genuine attempt to dethrone the champion or a playful publicity stunt remains to be seen. With the Nathan's Famous contest needing a new star attraction, Spiranac's athletic background and undeniable charisma could potentially draw in a whole new audience. Fans eagerly await the 4th of July to see if Spiranac will indeed take on the legendary challenge and, if so, how she will fare against the ghost of Joey Chestnut's record.


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