Paige Spiranac recognised after being world's hottest woman

Paige Spiranac recognised after being world's hottest woman
Published 1 years ago on Mar 07, 2023

Golf beauty Paige Spiranac has revealed that winning the 'World's Sexiest Woman' award from Maxim magazine back in 2022 vaulted her fame into a new stratosphere - to the point that she now gets recognised everywhere.

Spiranac, who has amassed a huge social media following, was named Maxim's 'World's Sexiest Woman' last summer, appearing on their July-August front cover.

Since then, the ex-golf pro's stardom has only risen, to the point that she is now sports leading influencer.

She regularly keeps her fanbase entertained with plenty of golf content combined with some lifestyle and modelling photos on her Instagram, which has seen her amass 3.7m followers on the platform. While Spiranac did step away from playing competitive golf years prior, she has now committed herself to building up her social media following alongside her business portfolio.

Previously, the 29-year-old was recognised here and there by her loyal followers but was very much able to divide her online life with her real life one.

However, that all changed when she was named Maxim's 'World's Sexiest Woman' for 2022. Speaking on her podcast, 'Playing a Round with Paige' Spiranac revealed that she now get recognised wherever she goes, calling her newfound fame "overwhelming in a positive way".

Spiranac said: "I'm starting to see the impact that I'm having - it's been overwhelming in a positive way because before I could always live a double life where I had followers online but in my private life I could walk around and really do anything I wanted and never be recognised or noticed.

"But I would say the last year and a half it really switched over after I was named the sexiest woman alive by Maxim that i started to get recognised a lot everywhere and of course, certain places I expect if I'm on the golf course or a sporting event, that's kind of my main demographic.

"Now I'll be at a restaurant or grocery store or at the airport and people are coming up to me now and it's really interesting because a lot of them, the first thing they say is "I listen to the podcast" and I love when people say that.

"And they pick out these really specific things that are the most meaningful to me and I love when people listen to the podcast and when people watch my golf instructions and that's the number one thing that they say when they come up and meet me for the first time."


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