Paige Spiranac shares golf hack for Women

Paige Spiranac shares golf hack for Women
Published 1 weeks ago on Jul 11, 2024

Golf Swing Tips for Bigger Busts: Paige Spiranac Offers Insights in Slow-Motion Video.

Paige Spiranac, the social media influencer and former professional golfer, has garnered attention once again, this time offering valuable advice to female golfers with larger chests.

Spiranac, known for her engaging online presence with over 4 million Instagram followers, shared a slow-motion video of her swing on the platform. The video sparked a conversation beyond its technical aspects, prompting Spiranac to address a common challenge faced by many women golfers.

"I've been doing these slow-motion videos," Spiranac wrote in the accompanying caption, "and in all seriousness it's wild seeing what my chest has to do through the swing so my arms can clear lol. I can totally understand why women with larger chests who pick up the game feel stuck and uncomfortable."

Spiranac's honesty resonated with many female golfers who often struggle to find swing mechanics that accommodate their bodies. In response, she offered two key tips for a smoother swing:

Spiranac's professional golf career, though brief, provided her with a wealth of knowledge that she now shares with her audience. While she retired from competitive play in 2017, her social media influence has flourished.

According to research by Vegas Insider, Spiranac's impressive online reach translates to significant earnings. The study suggests she earns a staggering four times more per sponsored post than current World Number 1 golfer Scottie Scheffler. Estimates place Spiranac's earnings per post between $8,477 and $12,716, compared to Scheffler's $2,000 to $3,000.

Beyond offering free tips, Spiranac also leverages her platform to connect with fans on a deeper level. She recently announced the launch of her membership program on the platform "Passes," where fans can access exclusive content for a monthly subscription fee ranging from £4 to £80. The announcement, accompanied by her signature bold visuals, further demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit and diverse revenue streams.

Spiranac's influence extends beyond just golf. Her willingness to address real-life challenges faced by female golfers fosters a more inclusive environment in the sport. This, coupled with her social media savvy and entrepreneurial ventures, positions her as a prominent figure in the golfing world, both on and off the course.

Stand a Little Farther Away from the Ball: Taking a slightly larger stance can create more space for the upper body to move freely throughout the swing.

Under on the Right Arm and Over the Chest on the Left at Setup: This tip emphasizes proper posture and arm positioning during the address position, ensuring a clear path for the swing without compromising form.


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