Paige Spiranac will 'continue to wear what she wears' to show that women can be 'hot'

Paige Spiranac will 'continue to wear what she wears' to show that women can be 'hot'
Published 1 years ago on Mar 11, 2023

Golf darling Paige Spiranac remained defiant on wearing what she wants so that she can show that women can be "sexy".

Talking on her podcast, 'Playing a Round with Paige', Spiranac was asked on whether she considers herself a role model, to which she gave an impassioned response.

"I have always always pushed the boundaries with purpose. It's not for online validation, although it does seem nice, its more than that and within my entire business, and what I stand for, I don't do this for the money.

"I don't do this for any other reason but to keep pushing forward and to show people that a woman can be sexy, she can be smart, she can be talented, she can be all of these things."

Spiranac said that there is a "purpose" behind the clothes that she wears, as she reiterated for young girls and women to do what makes them feel comfortable.

"What [a woman] wears doesn't define who she is and I feel so incredibly strong about that and I will continue to push forward and I will continue to wear what I wear for a reason, and there's a purpose behind it.

"I am not advocating for young girls or women to show their body off if they don't want to.

"I am advocating for women to be able to be themselves without unfair judgment.

"If that means they want to cover up [because] that's how they feel comfortable, then f***** go for it."


While the former professional golfer posts revealing content on her Instagram that gets her fans riled up, she's also been known to hand out golf tips for those wanting to improve their handicap.

Spiranac recently posted a video on Instagram, where she showed how to perfect draw technique, with a caption of: "Here's an easy way to hit a draw by just changing your set up".

The 29-year-old's instructions were to "close club face" then "close [your] stance" followed by "close shoulders" and "putting it all together and swing away".


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