Paris Hilton Turns Up the Heat in Festive Red Lingerie Display Around Christmas Tree: A Sizzling Holiday Extravaganza

Paris Hilton Turns Up the Heat in Festive Red Lingerie Display Around Christmas Tree: A Sizzling Holiday Extravaganza
Published 3 months ago on Dec 22, 2023

 The socialite shared a series of captivating snapshots showcasing herself in vibrant red lingerie, accompanied by a matching fur coat and heels. Embracing the festive spirit, Hilton donned a Santa hat, Hello Kitty accessory, and adorned herself with an abundance of sparkling jewelry.

Positioning herself as a holiday supermodel, Paris skillfully adorned a Christmas tree with ornaments and struck professional poses near a festively decorated fireplace. The caption accompanying the images read, 'The holidays have never been so HOT! Sleighing all #Slivmas! Are you on the naughty or nice list? #ThatsHot.'

These glamorous shots followed Hilton's recent claim to the origin of the Barbiecore fashion trend, a craze that has taken the fashion world by storm. Asserting that she embraced the pink spirit of the iconic Mattel doll long before Margot Robbie's portrayal in the box-office hit "Barbie," Paris explained her influence on the trend.

'I was going for the Barbiecore vibes before there was even the word Barbiecore,' she asserted in a British Vogue Life in Looks video. 'I invented it. Barbie is my idol. She is such an icon. I've looked up to her my entire life.'

To support her statement, Paris pointed to a photo of herself wearing a plunging pink Versace dress at the Maxim Lounge opening in Las Vegas in 2001, accessorized with a Barbie-themed purse from FAO Schwartz in New York.

In addition to discussing her fashion evolution, Hilton shared memories of her early days in New York, emphasizing her independence in styling without a stylist, agent, or publicist. Fondly recalling her beloved pet Tinkerbell, Hilton highlighted the joy of dressing up her canine companion, expressing deep nostalgia for the departed friend.

Reflecting on her friendship with Nicole Richie, co-star of the reality show "The Simple Life," Paris reminisced about the show's inception in 2003 and the unique blend of country and sexy fashion showcased. The duo's friendship faced a well-publicized rift during the show's fourth season in 2005, leading to their separation.

While Paris had previously hinted at the feud, stating, 'Nicole knows what she did, and that’s all I’m ever going to say about it,' Nicole Richie later mentioned that they 'just grew apart.' Remarkably, the two reconciled a year later, putting an end to their highly publicized falling out with a dinner together in West Hollywood. The reunion signaled the restoration of their once-close bond.

Paris Hilton's wealth comes from a blend of factors, some inherited and some built through her own efforts. Here's a breakdown:

Family Fortune:

  • Great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, founder of the Hilton hotel chain.
  • Inherited wealth estimated around $6 million.

Personal Brand:

  • Built a successful career as a model, DJ, actress, and entrepreneur.
  • Endorsement deals with major brands like Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and Guess.
  • Fragrance empire with over 25 perfumes, generating billions in revenue.
  • Clothing line, skincare line, and other business ventures.

Reality TV:

  • Starred in "The Simple Life" with Nicole Richie, propelling her to global fame.
  • Featured in other reality shows and continues to generate media attention.

Who is richer, Paris or Nikki?

Both sisters have inherited wealth and built successful careers. Estimating their exact net worth can vary depending on sources, but generally, Paris's ventures seem to have generated more significant financial impact, placing her net worth potentially higher than Nikki's.

Paris Hilton's husband:

Paris married Carter Reum, a venture capitalist and entrepreneur, in 2023. He co-founded M13 Ventures, a venture capital firm, and has investments in various startups.

Paris Hilton's education:

  • Attended Crossroads School in Santa Monica, California.
  • Briefly attended Canterbury Boarding School in Connecticut.
  • Did not graduate from college, focusing on building her career at a young age.

Paris Hilton, the iconic "It girl," continues to shine brightly in 2023! Here's a sneak peek into her life and career, adhering to the safety guidelines you've provided:

Financial Powerhouse:

  • Her net worth is estimated to be around $300 million, built upon a foundation of inherited wealth and her own entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Brand collaborations, fragrance lines, and various business ventures keep her financial engine humming.

Family First:

  • In 2023, Paris and her husband Carter Reum welcomed their first child, a son, via surrogate. They've chosen to keep details about their parenthood journey private, prioritizing their family's well-being and respecting their privacy.
  • Beyond her role as a mom, Paris remains close to her sister Nicky Hilton Rothschild and her family.

Dazzling Diamonds and Beyond:

  • Her signature perfume empire, with over 25 fragrances, continues to be a major revenue source.
  • Beyond scents, Paris has dipped her toes into fashion, skincare, and other ventures, showcasing her entrepreneurial spirit.

From Young Star to Timeless Icon:

  • From her early days on "The Simple Life" to her DJ sets and red carpet appearances, Paris has maintained a captivating presence in the spotlight.
  • Now 42 years old, her influence transcends generations, with a loyal fanbase across the globe.

Always Evolving:

  • Whether advocating for LGBTQ+ rights or supporting animal welfare, Paris uses her platform to champion causes close to her heart.
  • As she navigates motherhood and continues her entrepreneurial pursuits, it's clear that Paris Hilton's story is far from over.


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