Paula Cole Finds Her Voice After Stepping Away for Motherhood

Paula Cole Finds Her Voice After Stepping Away for Motherhood
Published 3 weeks ago on Apr 30, 2024

Paula Cole: Finding Her Voice After Stepping Away for Motherhood.

Paula Cole Finds Her Voice After Stepping Away for Motherhood

 Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Paula Cole is back in the spotlight, but it wasn't always an easy journey. This article explores her return to music, her creative renewal, and the importance of family in her life.

A Reluctant Interviewee with a Big Voice

Despite her captivating lyrics and vulnerability in her music, Paula Cole isn't a big fan of interviews. She recently confided in People Magazine, admitting the challenges of discussing her life and work. Cole, known for hits like "I Don't Want to Wait," prefers the act of creation itself to the analysis that comes with interviews.

Stepping Away for Family

Cole's comfort with the spotlight has fluctuated throughout her career. After the success of the mid-90s, she took a hiatus in the early 2000s to prioritize raising her daughter Sky. Leaving the celebrity life behind, she focused on providing a normal childhood for her child.

A Time for Growth

With Sky now grown, Cole is embracing a renewed chapter in her life. A new album, "Lo," marks her first collection of original songs in a decade. This return wasn't without its hurdles. After years of living a quieter life, she found it challenging to tap back into the raw vulnerability that defines her music.

Breaking Through Fear

Cole described the writing process as cathartic, a necessary step in confronting her own limitations. She recognized fear as a roadblock that had kept her from fully expressing herself. Therapy and self-reflection became tools for growth, allowing her to shed past anxieties and embrace her full potential.

Despite her captivating lyrics and vulnerability in her music, Paula Cole isn't a big fan of interviews

Balancing Motherhood and Music

Motherhood played a pivotal role in Cole's career trajectory. After welcoming Sky with ex-husband Hassan Hakmoun, she prioritized her family life. The thought of leaving the music industry surfaced, particularly during the early years of motherhood. Financial responsibilities as a single parent further complicated the decision.

Taking a Break to Reset

The pressures of career demands eventually led Cole to step away in the mid-2000s. She focused on her own label, 675 Records, but touring and career growth took a backseat. She addressed feelings of overexposure and dissatisfaction with past business arrangements as reasons for needing a reset.

Finding Strength in Family

Now happily married for 17 years, Cole has embraced her blended family. Her partner and their children, Faolán and Eva James, all share creative aspirations. Sky, on the verge of graduating from NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, aspires to be a director. Faolán is set to graduate from Berklee College of Music, where Cole has held a visiting scholar and professor position for over a decade. Eva James is also a musician, with Cole producing her debut album.

Cole believes that living authentically has enriched her music

Authenticity Reflected in Music

Cole believes that living authentically has enriched her music. Family, a fulfilling personal life, and a strong marriage are her top priorities, and this newfound balance is reflected in her creative output.

Musical Roots and Early Success

Born in Rockport, Massachusetts, Cole initially dreamt of becoming a jazz singer. However, her artistic voice evolved, leading her to write songs that expressed her own truths. Her musical inclinations were evident at a young age, with stories of singing made-up songs even before she could speak.

Finding Recognition

Peter Gabriel's 1993 tour provided Cole with a crucial platform. The mid-90s saw the release of several successful singles, including "Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?" and "I Don't Want to Wait." The latter transcended musical boundaries, becoming the iconic theme song for "Dawson's Creek," further solidifying her place in pop culture.

A Voice for Social Justice

Cole's music has consistently addressed social justice issues. She believes artists have a responsibility to use their platform to advocate for those without a voice. While acknowledging the potential loss of fans due to her outspokenness, she champions the importance of socially conscious art, viewing it as a defining characteristic of true artists.

A Viral Hit and a New Generation of Fans

"I Don't Want to Wait" remains Cole's signature song. A recent piano performance video went viral on TikTok, introducing her music to a whole new generation of fans. She expresses her pride in the enduring legacy of her songs and the connection they forge with younger audiences.

Cole is ready to fully embrace this new chapter in her career. Touring and reconnecting with her longtime fans bring her immense joy. She views this as the long and fulfilling career she always envisioned.


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