Playboy model gets arrestted after parading curves in skimpy Wonder Woman costume

Playboy model gets arrestted after parading curves in skimpy Wonder Woman costume
Published 1 years ago on Feb 24, 2023

A playboy model was seen being "handcuffed by a police officer" in the street after parading around in a skimpy Wonder Woman costume.

Francia James, also known as @Francety on Instagram, is known for performing comedic skits dressed as an array of characters on her social media.

Her most notable content, gaining thousands of likes from her 11million followers, includes a No Nut November Nutcracker, a spider - Man parody 'Spider booty'.

But the 32-year-old has dabbled in creating skits in other costumes too - including one comedic clip of her being jokingly "arrested" dressed as Wonder Woman.

The video, which gained more than 19,000 likes, shows Francia standing in the street, wearing a tight red corset with matching boots, gold cuffs, a hairband and even some blue underwear.

She is heard arguing with the policewoman who tells her she's "done something".

When the OnlyFans model asks if she is going to be arrested, the police officer says "yes" and starts handcuffing her.

"I'm going to get arrested again," Francia exclaimed, as the police officer cheekily grins at the camera.

"She's actually arresting me!"

In the caption, Francia added: "Just out here trying to do good."

Tiktok viewers were left howling with laughter at the clip as they took to the comments claiming she was arrested for looking too good.

One user said: "Why arrest a gorgeous Wonder Woman?"

Another added: "The acting is elite."

A third commented: "Arrest for being the finest Wonder Woman."

The news comes after Francia James revealed to the Daily Star that she makes the most of her costumes by creating fetish content on her OnlyFans.

She said: "Every time I do a character or body paint there is definitely an additional scene filmed just for my subscribers.

"I love making my OnlyFans videos with the characters I create. It keeps my audience on its toes like what is she going to do next."


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