Pregnat Hailey Bieber debuts baby bump in chic crop top

Pregnat Hailey Bieber debuts baby bump in chic crop top
Published 1 weeks ago on May 15, 2024

Hailey Bieber Debuts Baby Bump in Chic Crop Top and Blazer with Justin Bieber.

Hailey Bieber Debuts Baby Bump in Chic Crop Top and Blazer with Justin Bieber

Hailey Bieber, the model and founder of Rhode skincare, has sent shockwaves through the fashion world with her first public appearance since announcing her pregnancy with husband Justin Bieber. This highly anticipated reveal did not disappoint, offering a glimpse into Hailey's maternity style that promises a blend of comfort and sophistication.

Hailey Bieber's Pregnancy Style: Model Debuts Bump in Crop Top, Announces Baby with Justin

On Tuesday, the 27-year-old model stepped out in Los Angeles alongside her 30-year-old pop star husband, proudly displaying her baby bump for the first time. Hailey embraced a contemporary approach to maternity fashion, opting for a white crop top that accentuated her growing belly. This stylish choice was balanced with a sophisticated oversized black Balenciaga blazer, featuring prominent shoulder pads. To complete the look, she sported high-waisted black trousers from her own collaboration with Wardrobe NYC – a testament to her entrepreneurial spirit.

Hailey's keen eye for detail was evident in her choice of accessories. She layered her signature "B" necklace, adding a personal touch. Comfort was prioritized with chunky black Proenza Schouler loafers, a practical footwear choice for expecting mothers. A touch of personality was injected through her gold Heaven Mayhem earrings, a pair she has previously favored.

Justin Bieber's Casual Counterpoint

Justin Bieber, soon to be a father, opted for a more relaxed look. He donned neon green shorts, a vintage 1989 REM T-shirt, and a beige beanie. This casual attire contrasted with Hailey's structured ensemble, creating a visually balanced couple's look.

A Surprise Pregnancy Announcement 

News of the pregnancy broke just last week with a heartwarming Instagram post from Hailey. The video compilation showcased snippets from their vow renewal ceremony in Hawaii, culminating in a close-up reveal of Hailey's growing baby bump. The post sparked widespread excitement and well wishes from fans around the globe.

The couple's path to parenthood has been closely followed by the public. Their engagement in the summer of 2018 was met with much fanfare, followed by a courthouse wedding in New York City that same September. Their love story continued to unfold with a larger wedding celebration in South Carolina in 2019, and most recently, their vow renewal ceremony last week.

Hailey Bieber's Bump Unveiled: Model Debuts Pregnancy Style with Chic Crop Top

Hailey Bieber's first pregnancy outfit sets the stage for a maternity style that is both fashion-conscious and comfortable. Her willingness to showcase her baby bump in a crop top challenges traditional maternity fashion expectations. This initial look hints at a maternity wardrobe that will be closely followed and emulated by fans around the world. With her influence in the fashion industry, Hailey Bieber is poised to redefine maternity style, proving that motherhood can be both glamorous and practical.


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