Rebel Wilson names a prince inviting her to royal orgy

Rebel Wilson names a prince inviting her to royal orgy
Published 2 months ago on Apr 23, 2024

Royal 'Orgy': Rebel Wilson Drops Clues About Mystery Prince in Explosive Memoir.

Royal 'Orgy': Rebel Wilson Drops Clues About Mystery Prince in Explosive Memoir

Rebel Wilson's new memoir, "Rebel Rising," has sent shockwaves through the entertainment world with claims of a drug-fueled orgy invitation from a member of the British Royal Family. While the identity of the royal remains a mystery, Wilson offers tantalizing hints that have sparked a media frenzy.

The Invitation

The 44-year-old actress recounts receiving a last-minute invite to a "tech billionaire's party" at a secluded ranch outside Los Angeles in 2014. The invitation, delivered through a mutual friend, came from a male royal "fifteenth or twentieth in line to the throne," according to Wilson. The royal reportedly requested "more girls" for the event.

The Medieval Extravaganza

Wilson describes the party as an "insane" affair with a medieval theme. Acrobats entertained guests, a giant firepit provided warmth, and jousting knights added to the fantastical atmosphere. The pool was even filled with "mermaids" for an extra touch of whimsy.

Disappointment and Drugs

Despite envisioning the party as a potential venue to find a boyfriend, Wilson's experience took a turn for the worse. The billionaire host, whose name remains undisclosed, reportedly snubbed her. However, the most shocking revelation came later in the evening. After witnessing the British royal seemingly struggle throughout the night, Wilson describes drugs being openly offered on trays.

The Orgy Revelation

Following a firework display, a tray of what appeared to be candy was presented. To Wilson's horror, she learned it was MDMA, a party drug. The unnamed person offering the drugs casually mentioned, "Oh, it's for the orgy... the orgies normally start at these things at about this time."

This statement, coupled with the royal's earlier request for "more girls," led Wilson to a horrifying conclusion. The party, she realized, was not just a lavish gathering but a potential location for a sexual encounter involving multiple people.

A Fleeing Virgin

Frightened and uncomfortable, Wilson, who was a virgin at the time, decided to escape. She worried the party might be filmed without her knowledge, adding to her anxiety. The book details her swift exit from the unsettling situation.

More Allegations

The claims against the unnamed royal are just one of several bombshell revelations in Wilson's memoir. She also details a separate incident where she was allegedly offered $2 million to spend a weekend with a Jordanian prince, implying an expectation of sexual activity. Additionally, Wilson criticizes Sacha Baron Cohen for his alleged degrading behavior on the set of their film "The Brothers Grimsby."

Royal Family's Silence

Buckingham Palace has remained silent on the allegations against the unidentified royal. The claims come at a sensitive time for the British Royal Family, following Prince Andrew's sexual assault settlement and Prince Harry's admissions of drug use in his own memoir.

Media Frenzy and Public Speculation

With limited details about the specific royal involved, the media and public are abuzz with speculation. Wilson's clues – "male," "fifteenth or twentieth in line," and the timeframe of 2014 – have ignited a guessing game, with many attempting to identify the culprit.

Unanswered Questions and Potential Fallout

The accusations raise serious questions about the behavior of certain members of the British Royal Family. Whether the allegations hold weight and if the unnamed royal will be identified remain to be seen. One thing is certain: Rebel Wilson's memoir has thrown the spotlight on the potential seedier side of royalty, and the public awaits further developments.


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