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Release date of Blake Lively's 'It Ends With Us' announced

Release date of Blake Lively's 'It Ends With Us' announced
Published 3 weeks ago on Apr 30, 2024

Blake Lively Stars in Adaptation of Colleen Hoover's Bestselling Novel "It Ends With Us"

Blake Lively Stars in Adaptation of Colleen Hoover's Bestselling Novel "It Ends With Us"

Blake Lively is poised to return to the big screen in a highly anticipated adaptation of Colleen Hoover's phenomenal novel, "It Ends With Us." This article dives deep into everything we know so far about the film, from the plot and cast to the production journey.

A Story of Love, Loss, and Second Chances

"It Ends With Us" follows Lily, a fresh college graduate seeking a fresh start in a new city. There, she encounters Ryle, a captivating neurosurgeon with a surprising aversion to relationships. Despite his reluctance, Lily finds herself drawn to him, and an unconventional romance blossoms. However, their newfound happiness is disrupted by the unexpected reappearance of Atlas, Lily's enigmatic first love. This unwelcome twist forces Lily to confront her past and navigate a complex web of emotions.

The novel's success is undeniable. It has captivated readers worldwide, selling millions of copies, topping bestseller lists for over 90 weeks, and being translated into 43 languages.

A Dream Cast Takes Shape

Hoover herself played a key role in selecting the film's cast. In a heartwarming Instagram reveal, she announced Blake Lively as her dream Lily, praising the actress's talent and suitability for the role. Lively even embraced a physical transformation, trading her signature blonde hair for a darker shade to embody the character.

Justin Baldoni, best known for his role in "Jane the Virgin," was chosen to portray Ryle. Hoover expressed her confidence in Baldoni's ability to capture the character's complexities. The cast was further bolstered by the addition of Brandon Sklenar as Atlas and Jenny Slate as Ryle's sister, Allysa.

Addressing Age Concerns

The casting choices sparked some debate, with some fans questioning the age difference between the actors and their characters. Hoover addressed these concerns head-on, acknowledging that the book's portrayal of younger characters presented logistical challenges for accurately depicting the professions involved, particularly Ryle's role as a neurosurgeon. She took responsibility for this discrepancy and explained the decision to cast more mature actors to maintain character authenticity.

To bridge the age gap and offer a glimpse into Lily and Atlas's younger selves, the film incorporates flashbacks featuring Isabela Ferrer and Alex Neustaedter.

A Multifaceted Creative Team

Baldoni wears multiple hats for this project. In addition to starring as Ryle, he also takes on the director's role. His involvement extends even further, as he serves as an executive producer alongside Lively. Wayfarer Studios rounds out the production team, having secured the film rights to the novel in 2019.

The Woman Behind the Words

Colleen Hoover, the mastermind behind "It Ends With Us," is a literary powerhouse in her own right. With over 20 novels to her credit, she has amassed a dedicated following and garnered over 2 billion views on the popular platform BookTok. Her success extends beyond online buzz, with over 20 million books sold and a coveted position as the best-selling novelist in the United States. This is not Hoover's first foray into adaptation; her novel "Confess" was previously transformed into a seven-episode series.

The Road to Release

Filming for "It Ends With Us" commenced in May 2023, with glimpses of Lively filming in Jersey City surfacing online. Production encountered a temporary setback due to a writer's strike but resumed in early 2024.

The film's release date has undergone some adjustments. Initially slated for a February 2024 debut, it was pushed back to June, and most recently, to August 9, 2024. With the premiere date approaching, anticipation continues to build for this highly anticipated adaptation.

A Summer Release Full of Promise

"It Ends With Us" promises to be a captivating summer watch, brimming with romance, drama, and the complexities of navigating love and relationships. With a talented cast, a dedicated creative team, and a passionate fanbase, the film is poised to become a major cinematic event.


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