Ringo Starr Reveals His Favorite Beatles Song to Perform Live

Ringo Starr Reveals His Favorite Beatles Song to Perform Live
Published 7 months ago on Aug 06, 2023

As part of The Beatles, Ringo's opportunities to showcase his talents were limited, but whenever he got the chance, he relished every second of it.Ringo Starr, within the context of The Beatles, embodied a role that went beyond the traditional confines of a drummer. He became a quintessential component of the band's identity, contributing to a dynamic that was much more than the rhythm section. As the band's meteoric ascent unfolded, Ringo often operated on the periphery, while the spotlight predominantly illuminated the songwriting prowess of Paul McCartney and John Lennon. As George Harrison's songwriting acumen also flourished, Ringo's journey to recognition followed a distinctive trajectory that required both patience and perseverance. 

During the early days of The Beatles, the band's focus primarily revolved around Paul McCartney and John Lennon, who acted as the face of the group and the chief songwriters. While George Harrison later The debut album of The Beatles, the iconic "Please Please Me," served as a watershed moment for Ringo. It provided him the platform to step into the limelight as a vocalist, transcending his drumming role. Amidst the array of tracks, Ringo's choice fell upon "Boys," a song that had already been celebrated through The Shirelles' rendition. The recording session for this track carried an inherent charm, characterized by its fluidity as it effortlessly unfolded in a single take. What's even more remarkable is that this session wasn't the sole accomplishment of the day; the band managed to record multiple tracks, a testament to their exceptional musical camaraderie and artistic efficiency. 

"Boys" evolved into something more profound than a mere song for Ringo; it metamorphosed into a testament of his vocal capabilities and his desire to forge a connection with the audience. The live performances of the song during The Beatles' concerts transformed into endearing moments, forging a special bond between Ringo and their fervent fan base. Although the track didn't ascend to the status of an official single release for the band, it secured an indelible and cherished place within Ringo's performance repertoire. Remarkably, Ringo openly declared that "Boys" occupied the cherished position of his all-time favorite song to perform. 

In an interview with Vulture, Ringo passionately conveyed his profound connection with "Boys": "'Boys.' I've been doing it forever, and it's a girl's song. A wonderful girl group called The Shirelles did the original. I was performing it with Rory Storm and the Hurricanes before The Beatles, and it just rocks. It makes me smile that I'm still doing this song after all these years." 

Paul McCartney's reflections on that era also underlined the significance of "Boys." He recollected in Anthology: "Ringo always used to do a song in the show. Back then, he had 'Boys.' It was a little embarrassing because it went, 'I'm talking about boys – yeah, yeah – boys.' It was a Shirelles hit, and they were girls singing it, but we never thought we should call it 'Girls,' just because Ringo was a boy. We just sang it the way they'd sung it and never considered any implications." 

As The Beatles embarked on their whirlwind tours, "Boys" solidified itself as a cornerstone of their live performances. The song resonated across 129 shows from 1963 to 1964, standing as a testament to its enduring appeal and Ringo's genuine fondness for it. Even in his post-Beatles career, alongside his All-Star Band, Ringo continued to breathe new life into "Boys." Impressively, he has performed the song over 700 times, an unequivocal testament to his unwavering passion for the track. 

The timeless allure of Ringo Starr's rendition of "Boys" persists, reverberating through the annals of musical history. To immerse oneself in the captivating experience of witnessing his enthralling performance of the song at the iconic Greek Theatre in Los Angeles, one need only refer to the captivating footage provided below, a visual testament to his enduring commitment to music and his indelible contribution to the unparalleled legacy of The Beatles. As the performance unfolds, it's as though the very essence of Ringo's musical odyssey is laid bare, encapsulating the magic that continues to resonate across generations and epitomizing his enduring impact on the world of music.


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