Rita Ora dazzles as she shares some sizzling photos with fans while thinking back to her life

Rita Ora dazzles as she shares some sizzling photos with fans while thinking back to her life
Published 3 months ago on Dec 23, 2023

Rita Ora sizzles in sexy throwback snaps as she reminisces about life before lockdown RITA Ora has shared some sizzling topless photos with fans while thinking back to her life before lockdown. Rita, 29, was bored at home when she found her mind wandering to the things she had got up to before the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Along with flying around the world on private jets, Rita is also missing costume fittings for big award ceremonies and stage performances. As a result, she has given fans a peek at several saucy pictures taken as she was measured up by her stylists. In one, topless Rita is stood in just a pair of black knickers as a member of her wardrobe team fastens a choker around her neck. The Brit singer, who was getting read for the VMAs at the time, has covered her modesty with two wow emojis positioned over her nipples. 

Another snap shows Rita with her red bra undone and her back to the camera. The star's collection of tattoos can be seen in all their glory. Rita began her trip down memory lane on Instagram with a shot of herself in the gym with her personal trainer. She also shared two snaps that were taken as she jetted across the globe to perform on stage, and one of her on a black bikini while relaxing on a lilo. Rita told her fans: "I miss it! Hopefully we can all go back to normal soon! Rita's latest throwback pics come a day after she delighted fans with a series of sizzling new bikini shots. 

The Hot Right Now singer posed for the photos as she relaxed in the garden while wearing a leopard print two-piece. Meanwhile, Rita has signed up to become an NHS volunteer during the coronavirus pandemic but has yet to be called upon. Rita's mum Vera Sahatçiu is now a psychiatrist, having spent years working as a GP, and has returned to hospital to help patients battling coronavirus. 

Speaking about her decision to volunteer for the NHS, Rita recently said: “Obviously I don’t have a medical degree but I just think it’s really, truly heroic, not just from my mum’s perspective but just seeing all the doctors in general, really frontline and really putting themselves forward. “It just goes to show we as a humanity can still come together and be unified. "It’s truly, truly, truly an amazing time for us to come out the other end and go, ‘Wow we’re really coming together’, so that really inspired me’.”


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