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Rita Ora looks glam as she poses for GLAMOUR Magazine

Rita Ora looks glam as she poses for  GLAMOUR Magazine
Published 1 months ago on Jan 10, 2024

 In the latest issue of GLAMOUR magazine, the 33-year-old songstress showcases her fashion-forward attitude, going braless in a deconstructed suit that leaves little to the imagination.

In the striking photoshoot, Rita poses confidently in a pinstriped shirt that artfully reveals half of her chest. Fearlessly embracing the braless look, she adds a touch of modesty with her long blonde locks styled into a messy yet utilitarian plait, strategically covering her assets. The avant-garde ensemble features an oversized black pleated skirt, giving a high-fashion twist to traditional office attire.

A peek of Rita's perfect pins is subtly exposed through a strategically missing patch of fabric on the skirt, held together with delicate wiring. The singer and TV star brings attention to her slender figure by crossing her arms over her trim waistline, exuding both confidence and allure.

In a display of her famous sex appeal, Rita gazes seductively into the camera, with dark pink makeup enhancing her eyes and rosebud lips. The photoshoot pushes sartorial boundaries, showcasing Rita's ability to blend bold fashion choices with an undeniable sense of confidence.

The accompanying cover shot for the magazine features Rita standing completely naked, elegantly covering herself with a short black and white dress. Other images from the editorial highlight the British beauty posing almost nude, flaunting her petite curves while adorned with PVC items of clothing.

Beyond the racy visuals, Rita Ora shares insights into her busy lifestyle and hectic career. As one of the newest additions to the X Factor judging panel for the upcoming season, she discusses the challenges of balancing her music career with TV commitments. Rita emphasizes her hard work in building a bond with her team in the music industry and asserts her right to be on the judging panel.

Discussing her switch from BBC's The Voice to ITV's X Factor, Rita reveals her late-night meeting with music mogul Simon Cowell. Despite their busy schedules, they discussed the show's changes, goals, and aims. Rita was drawn to Simon's vision and ideas, ultimately influencing her decision to join the X Factor.

Amidst her TV commitments, Rita Ora remains dedicated to her music career. Recently, she has been promoting her upcoming single "Body On Me," a collaboration with Chris Brown. The song is part of her highly anticipated second album, and Rita expresses her commitment to making the record perfect. She describes the album as her resurrection, emphasizing the effort and dedication she has poured into its creation.

As Rita Ora continues to evolve as an artist and fashion icon, her daring photoshoot for GLAMOUR magazine stands as a testament to her fearless approach to both style and self-expression. With a career marked by resilience and creativity, Rita Ora remains an influential figure in the world of music and fashion.


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