RITA Ora wears a totally see-through outfit to Notting Hill Carnival

RITA Ora wears a totally see-through outfit to Notting Hill Carnival
Published 3 months ago on Dec 10, 2023

Songstress Rita Ora stole the spotlight at Notting Hill Carnival, donning a daring totally see-through two-piece and showcasing her twerking skills in a sexy sequinned outfit. The 33-year-old singer looked nothing short of sensational as she joined Towie's Vas Morgan and a group of friends at the vibrant festival over the weekend.

Ora confidently ditched her bra, styling a cowl-neck crop top that left her bare chest on display. She paired this with nude pants underneath an embellished skirt, accentuating the look with a collection of bangles and layered necklaces. Opting for comfort during a day of energetic dancing, Rita completed her ensemble with a pair of stylish trainers and had her blonde locks styled in loose curls.

While enjoying the festivities from a friend's nearby flat, Rita couldn't resist flaunting her enviable figure by twerking for the camera. The carnival atmosphere escalated as the night progressed, with the appearance of Game of Thrones' star Alfie Allen adding to the excitement.

Renowned for her bold approach to fashion and no stranger to camera-worthy moments, former X Factor judge Rita Ora has consistently showcased her daring style. She frequently graces her Instagram with stunning posts, often featuring her in skimpy swimwear.

In a previous statement, Rita Ora expressed her belief in embracing her sexuality as a means of empowerment. She stated, "I think that as a woman, we naturally exude sex appeal, whether we realize it or not. We are just that kind of creature. I really rely on that, I really rely on being a woman. I make the most of my choices, and even of showing my sexuality because I find it so empowering." Rita Ora continues to captivate audiences with her fearless fashion choices and unapologetic celebration of self-expression.

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