Sex and the City Star Kristin Davis Opens Up About Fillers

Sex and the City Star Kristin Davis Opens Up About Fillers
Published 1 years ago on Jun 11, 2023

Kristin Davis, known for her role in 'Sex and the City,' candidly discusses the emotional impact of being ridiculed for her fillers. In an interview, she shares the stress and tears she experienced, shedding light on the challenges faced by celebrities navigating the world of cosmetic surgery.

Kristin Davis, renowned for her portrayal of Charlotte York Goldenblatt in 'Sex and the City,' has spoken out about the emotional toll she endured after being relentlessly ridiculed for her use of fillers. In an interview with The Telegraph, the actress revealed the challenges of cosmetic procedures and the hurtful comments she received.

Reflecting on her experience, Davis shared the ups and downs of her filler treatments. She admitted to both positive and negative outcomes, having had to dissolve some fillers. The actress expressed the distress caused by the relentless ridicule, stating, "I have shed tears about it. It's very stressful."

Interestingly, Davis disclosed that she was initially unaware of any issues with her lips until friends approached her about it. She acknowledged the importance of honest friends who eventually brought it to her attention, as she didn't smile at herself in the mirror. Davis remarked, "Who smiles at themselves in the mirror? Crazy people."

Like many celebrities, Davis trusted medical professionals with these procedures, only to face public backlash when things didn't go as planned. She also discussed the double standard she faces regarding her appearance, noting the challenge of constantly being confronted with her younger self and the conflicting expectations imposed by the internet.

The topic of appearance became prominent when the spin-off series "And Just Like That" premiered on HBO in 2021. Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays the lead role and was also subjected to scrutiny, addressed the discussions around their appearances as "misogynistic chatter" in a Vogue interview. Davis herself commented on the intense scrutiny in 2021, expressing her surprise at the level of intensity.

The second season of "And Just Like That" is set to premiere on HBO on June 22, continuing the beloved story of the 'Sex and the City' characters. Kristin Davis's candid revelations shed light on the pressures faced by actors in an industry that often scrutinizes their every aesthetic choice.


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