Sophia Bush Ashlyn Harris dating: Actress on husband and divorce

Sophia Bush Ashlyn Harris dating: Actress on husband and divorce
Published 4 weeks ago on Apr 26, 2024

Sophia Bush opens up about coming out as queer, falling in love with Ashlyn Harris & navigating past relationships. 

Sophia Bush comes out as queer & details her love story with Ashlyn Harris

Sophia Bush Embraces Her Truth: Coming Out as Queer and Finding Love

Sophia Bush, a familiar face on our screens from "One Tree Hill" to "Chicago PD," has used her platform to share a powerful and personal story. In a captivating essay for Glamour magazine, she details her journey of self-discovery, revealing her identity as queer and her blossoming relationship with soccer star Ashlyn Harris.

A New Chapter: Embracing Identity

Bush bravely announces her queer identity, expressing a sense of liberation. She describes it as finally being able to breathe freely, a sentiment that resonates with many navigating self-discovery.

Love Blooms: A Connection with Ashlyn Harris

The essay sheds light on Bush's relationship with Harris. They developed a close friendship in 2019, which blossomed into love after both went through separate marital separations. Bush emphasizes the organic nature of their connection, highlighting the supportive environment that fostered their romance.

Clearing the Air: Addressing Past Relationships

The actress openly addresses rumors and speculation surrounding her past marriages. She clarifies that her previous partners were aware of her attraction to women, dispelling assumptions about her sexuality.

Navigating Challenges: Fertility Struggles and Public Scrutiny

The essay delves into her past struggles with fertility during her marriage to Grant Hughes. Bush also addresses the negativity and judgment she faced upon entering a relationship with Harris following their respective divorces.

Finding Home in the LGBTQ+ Community

Bush expresses her gratitude for the LGBTQ+ community, where she's found acceptance and support. She highlights the importance of this safe space throughout her journey of self-discovery.

Looking Forward with Optimism

The essay concludes on a hopeful note. Bush expresses excitement for the future, embracing her authentic self and the love she shares with Harris.

Beyond the Words: A Look at the Bigger Picture

Sophia Bush's story goes beyond personal revelation. It serves as an inspiration for self-acceptance and living authentically. Her decision to share her journey openly contributes to a more inclusive and understanding world.


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