Sophie Turner planned to end pregnancy with daughter Willa

Sophie Turner planned to end pregnancy with daughter Willa
Published 1 weeks ago on May 15, 2024

Sophie Turner Reveals Contemplating Termination Before Daughter Willa

Sophie Turner Reveals Contemplating Termination Before Daughter Willa

Actress Sophie Turner, known for her role as Sansa Stark in "Game of Thrones," has made a personal revelation in a new interview with British Vogue. Turner disclosed that she wrestled with the decision of whether to continue her pregnancy with her first daughter, Willa, when she found out she was expecting at the young age of 24.

Turner, now 28, expressed her initial uncertainty in the interview published on Wednesday for British Vogue's June 2024 cover story. She confided in the magazine that she "sat on it for a week" due to her young age. Fortunately, she had access to therapists who provided crucial guidance as she navigated this complex emotional journey.

Open Communication with Estranged Husband

Turner, who was married to Joe Jonas at the time, revealed she openly communicated her feelings with him as soon as she returned from the trip where she learned about the pregnancy. She described throwing the pregnancy test at Jonas, seeking his input and support in their joint decision. Looking back, Turner acknowledges the carefree nature of life in their early 20s, which may have contributed to the initial hesitation.

Sophie Turner Considered Ending Pregnancy, Talks Co-Parenting After Joe Jonas Split 

Despite initial doubts, Turner ultimately embraced motherhood. She admitted to British Vogue that she "didn't know" if she was ready to be a mother, but a shift occurred within her after discussing it with Jonas. A maternal instinct emerged, leading to a strong conviction about having the baby. Page Six has reached out to Jonas' representative for comment on this revelation, but no response has been received at this time.

Turner and Jonas welcomed Willa in July 2020, and their family grew further with the arrival of their second daughter, Delphine, two years later. Turner's desire for Willa to have a sibling and for them to share a close bond motivated the decision to expand their family.

However, in September 2023, the couple's relationship took a turn, with Jonas filing for divorce after four years of marriage. This unexpected turn of events led to a custody battle concerning their daughters. Turner sought to return with the children to England, while Jonas argued for their residence in New York City.

Thankfully, mediation proved successful for Turner and Jonas, enabling them to establish a temporary custody agreement. Their focus shifted to prioritizing their roles as co-parents, ensuring their daughters have a loving and stable environment in both the US and UK. A joint statement released in October 2023 emphasized their commitment to co-parenting: "We have agreed that the children will spend time equally in loving homes in both the US and the UK. We look forward to being great co-parents."

Sophie Turner Opens Up About Difficult Pregnancy Decision and Co-Parenting with Estranged Husband

Challenges and Strength Through Motherhood

The process of finalizing the divorce remains ongoing. Turner requested the case to be reactivated in March 2024, allowing them to negotiate a settlement. The interview with British Vogue provided a glimpse into the emotional toll the split took on Turner. She described moments of feeling overwhelmed and seeking support from her lawyer. However, her unwavering love for her children served as a source of strength. Turner acknowledges a personal struggle to stand up for herself, but her daughters became a powerful motivator: "Once anyone says to me, 'Do it for your kids,' I'm doing it. I wouldn't do it for myself, but I'll find the strength for them."

Turner's candid interview sheds light on the complexities of navigating motherhood, personal growth, and the challenges of co-parenting after a separation.


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