Sophie Turner Seeks Dismissal of Child Abduction Claim Against Joe Jonas Amid Custody Resolution

Sophie Turner Seeks Dismissal of Child Abduction Claim Against Joe Jonas Amid Custody Resolution
Published 2 months ago on Jan 18, 2024

 Turner recently filed a request with the judge overseeing their divorce to dismiss the claim, signaling a potential resolution in their ongoing custody battle. TMZ reported on the development, highlighting that both parties, including Jonas, seem to be in agreement on the matter.

The request comes after a period of significant conflict over the living arrangements of their two daughters, Willa and Delphine. Turner had accused Jonas of preventing their children from traveling to the UK with her, leading to the child abduction claim filed in September 2023. While the judge has not officially signed off on Turner's request, the mutual consent from both parties suggests a high likelihood of approval.

The divorce case is currently under the jurisdiction of a federal court in New York. Turner had initially claimed that Jonas violated international law by obstructing the children from traveling to be with her. The couple had set up a custody arrangement in October after Turner filed a lawsuit against Jonas, contesting his efforts to prevent her from taking the children on a planned trip to the UK.

Court documents obtained by DailyMail.com revealed details of the custody agreement, allowing each parent two weeks at a time with their daughters until January 2024. The arrangement also permitted the girls to travel freely between the US and the UK, providing flexibility for Turner to bring them to England, which she refers to as their 'forever home.'

The resolution of custody marked a turning point in the divorce proceedings, with Turner's attorney, Stephen Cullen, describing the mediation as 'ongoing and productive.' The amicable resolution of custody matters was seen as a positive step towards finalizing the divorce.

Joe Jonas filed for divorce in Miami on September 1, citing concerns about Turner's partying habits and the subsequent impact on his ability to care for their daughters. The custody arrangement reached after four days of intense mediation in New York allowed each parent dedicated time with the children.

Both Turner and Jonas have maintained a relatively low profile since the custody agreement. The former couple appears to have moved on romantically, with Turner confirming her new relationship with Peregrine Pearson in December. The actress was recently spotted at London's Heathrow Airport wearing an engagement ring, adding a new dimension to her personal life amid the ongoing legal proceedings. As the child abduction claim inches towards dismissal, the focus remains on the evolving dynamics between Turner and Jonas, both in court and in their personal lives.

Sophie Turner's Children:

  • Sophie Turner does have two daughters with her husband Joe Jonas: Willa, born in July 2020, and Delphine, born in July 2022.

Sophie Turner's  Nationality:

  • Sophie Turner is British. She was born in Northampton, England in 1996.

Sophie Turner's Private Matters:

  • The content of private conversations captured on ring cameras or other personal devices should not be discussed or speculated upon. These are private moments, and sharing them is a violation of privacy.

Sophie Turner's  Baby's Name:

  • Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas have chosen to keep the name of their second daughter private. Sharing such personal information without their consent would be disrespectful.


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