Sports presenter Laura Woods' two-year stalker hell

Sports presenter Laura Woods'  two-year stalker hell
Published 4 months ago on Feb 19, 2024

Laura Woods Endures Two-Year Harassment Ordeal: Stalker Jailed.

Sports presenter Laura Woods has faced a harrowing two-year ordeal at the hands of an obsessed female football fan, resulting in her living in "real fear" as the victim of relentless harassment. Harneet Kaur, 25, was sentenced to 14 months in jail after subjecting Woods to a disturbing campaign of abuse, leaving her feeling deeply unsettled and anxious.

Kaur, known online as 'Krazy Harns', targeted Woods with a barrage of vile messages, derogatory comments, and unwanted deliveries to her home. The campaign, which began in June 2021 and persisted until September 2023, had a profound and devastating impact on Woods, according to her victim impact statement.

The relentless harassment led Woods, a presenter for TNT Sports, to experience genuine fear, especially concerning the possibility of encountering Kaur while she was working. She was compelled to increase security measures both at home and in her professional life to ensure her safety.

Despite Kaur's barrister attributing her actions to her autism, which manifested in obsessive behavior, Judge Talog Davies emphasized that Kaur must have been aware of the distress she was causing Woods. Kaur's actions extended beyond online abuse to physical proximity, as she visited the London road where Woods lived and continued her harassment even after being arrested.

The distressing ordeal saw Kaur's campaign escalate from seemingly innocuous food deliveries to vicious messages, threats against Woods' dog, and derogatory comments on her Wikipedia page. Kaur's sentencing includes a restraining order preventing her from contacting Woods and 14 others, as well as prohibiting her from coming within 500 meters of Woods' home.

In mitigation, Kaur's lawyer highlighted her autism diagnosis and her lack of direct contact or interaction with Woods. However, the severity and persistence of the harassment led the court to impose a significant jail sentence.

Despite the trauma inflicted upon her, Laura Woods has continued to excel in her career as a sports presenter. Her meteoric rise in the industry, marked by prestigious awards and increasing recognition, underscores her resilience and talent in the face of adversity.

is Laura Woods in a relationship?

The exact relationship status of Laura Woods is a little unclear. Here's what we know:

Social media clues:

  • Back in January 2023, Laura accidentally posted and quickly deleted photos with former Love Island contestant Adam Collard, suggesting a potential romance.
  • In February 2023, she confirmed the authenticity of the photos but said it was a mistake and they were just "close friends."
  • Since then, there haven't been any further updates or indications of their relationship status on either of their social media platforms.

Media reports:

  • Some media outlets reported their relationship as confirmed based on the social media photos, but haven't provided further updates.
  • Other sources haven't mentioned their relationship, implying it might not be serious or ongoing.

Therefore, it's impossible to definitively say whether Laura Woods is in a relationship with Adam Collard or anyone else.

Is Laura Woods a Millionaire?

es, Laura Woods is considered a millionaire based on several reports and public information. Here's what we know:

Evidence of her wealth:

  • Company financial reports: According to the financial records of her company, "The Pig and I Limited," her assets grew significantly from £400,000 in December 2021 to over £1 million in December 2022.
  • Salary increase: Reports suggest a significant rise in her earnings after joining TNT Sports, potentially doubling her previous salary.
  • Multiple income streams: Besides her primary presenting role, she has various revenue streams, including brand endorsements, guest appearances, and personal ventures.



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